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 I was meditating and suddenly a question propped in my mind- What can make my life joyful fulfilled and contented life?   I continued with my meditation without trying to react in any way to this query . Suddenly some thoughts started cropping up in my mind. " Life is like multiple choice questions. Attempt as many segments as possible". I was amazed and zapped with this response.  Then suddenly this statement started clearing out-We have diffrent segments and aspects in life.  Our career and personal life takes our prime time and concern.Most of us focus mostly in these aspects only. There are aspects which we often neglect and  donot take care of. lets say Physical health, financial development, spiritual development,  caring for our pets or dependents, creative  expression of our talents, developing something worthwhile for society etc. So most of us get comfortable with some segments and  day and night think on those lines and  spend our time and resources on them neglecting others.  Lets take simple things as physical health.There is abundant literature with tons of articles in Medical journals telling that regular physical workout can enhance our longevity and  decrease the incidence of chronic diseases . But only 30% population in India is actively exercising compared to 40-50% in Western countries. And we have all justifiable excuses to support us for not   exercising. Similarly our diet choice. We know by now that Sugar, Fat, and preservative laden food creates havoc in our inner system. It doesnot require much reading or understanding that simple high fiber, semi cooked and raw food nourishes us best. Do we exercise our knowledge in making choice of our food or are carried by traditions and advertisements.Lets take spiritual health. I think we can sum up all spiritual literature in one line take time to be with your self and connect with your inner being. May be simple technique as  sitting silently and observing our breath can take us deep into our being. But do we have time for that.You may have read that Dealing our emotions by accepting them and breathing full can transform them. Are we able to do so. Spending time with our loved ones, old friends and parents can be nourshing for all of us.   But where is the time  from our rat race.Taking care of our pet or dependents can add some adjustment in routine as going out for walk with your dog , playing with them.

Similarly  Creating Financial abundance  needs exploring our talents , new avenues, developing new contacts, learning marketing skills and being creative. It was interesting to talk with Sandeep Goswami ji.

. He was telling that may body mind therapists are excellent in their subject. But only 5% of them succeed because they take right steps in marketing and learning to sell their skills. it is important to learn your skill but at same time learning to sell your skill needs equal emphasis.

 So common excuse I do not have time.  Just examine it is not problem of time but in our consciousness we give priority and importance to few and ignore others. I know many spiritual people who chant or meditate regularly but donot have time to do physical workout. Many of them gain excess weight or back problems.

 So it is about giving due importance to various segments in life as   there are questions from  each segment and they all carry equal marks. Even if time is limited you can spend few minutes or few days in a week for them Exercising for 30 minutes , meditating for 20 to 30 minutes, spending 20 minutes with you pet or selecting  once a week for parents and old friends  can give us more wider outlook. life works in whole-ism , where each segment needs nourishment and growth. Just being purely spiritual or focusing just on matter is going to create rifts and  distortions. So attempt all your MCQs in this game of life  and  donot leave some for sake of others.

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