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For any relationship to work, before expecting 50, you need to give 100.


So many times people come to me who have relationship problems. These problems are not limited to spousal relationships only. These problems are present in all types of relations like family, friends, professional etc. It saddens me when I see that we expect so much and we take everything for granted in life including the relationships and when things are no longer under our control we sit and cry which does not help. Even after that we are not ready to accept the responsibility of our actions and thoughts and we blame others, ofcourse ego has very big role to play in this. One girl came to me, whose 5 years old relationship is falling apart and when I tried explaining things to her, she had few things to reveal, first she was like I already know these things and I do all and later on she accepted yes I do take things for granted. I asked her, what has she done to improve her relationship, what has she done to make things better for her partner, what has she done to make him happy, I understand, you cannot make anyone else happy, but we need to give our contribution. Relationship is not about those big things or a fairy tale life, relationships are about the small small things which we do for each other and value in each other. Before you expect anything from someone else, you need to start giving to enrich your relationship. If you just expect, you will make it empty. It’s like a bowl, if you keep taking out before adding, the bowl would be empty but if you add first and then take out, the bowl would always be full and same way, and relationship would be full of love.

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