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We all talk about Life, Happiness, Peace, Consciousness, Balance... and much more... 

And we keep exploring numerous meditation techniques/books in order to keep up with the Hassles of Daily Life!

In all this, we almost forget one Basic Fundamental Aspect of Life.....


The Science books in our school defined 'Food as a Building Block of Life'.

The Vedic Scriptures called it 'Annam Brahma'

Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine coined - Food as Medicine 

So what exactly are we doing with Food?

How much of attention are we paying while cooking Food?

Why are we thinking so much while eating Food?

We Eat Approximately 87,600 Meals in our Lifetime.

Can we truly make each and every Meal as Soulful and Spiritual Experience?

Having Every Meal with Total Peace, Complete Awareness and Joy should be the Aim of our Life! 

Because FOOD creates who we are!

As I write and you read this... every Act that we indulge in, every effort that we make is the result of this Healthy State of Body and Mind.

So how many times did we STOP or PAUSED in order to Eat Meditatively?

It is Time that we Step into 'FOOD MEDITATION'. 

To Experience the True State of Mind and Body. 

To Understand the Deeper Dynamics of 'Food Meditation',

Come and be a part of Exclusive, Premium, Designer Ceremony with Suresh Padmanabhan

Small Group Ceremony.

Food Meditation - Live Session With Suresh Padmanabhan

(Conscious Cooking + Divine Eating + Ancient Secrets of Food)

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