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What happens when you turn off a light switch in a room? Aside from the room becoming darker, the electric current is no longer flowing to that light bulb and hence there is no light. This is similar to how your connection with your inner self works, and we sometimes 'turn off the switch' or reduce the connection strength to such a degree that we disconnect from our core being.

The connection to ourselves can get disconnected because of holding onto past resentments, negativity, anger and other unresolved emotions. Our lives feel murkier and we feel as though we are receiving no guidance or direction. The benefits to connecting with one's self are numerous, including:

  • Clarity about the direction to take in life
  • A sense of peace, calm and contentment
  • A feeling of love, compassion and comfort

Want to learn how to connect with yourself?

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Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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