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Expose your body to the earth.

Earthing – Is grounding your body to the earth.

Do you, your family members or friends face one or more of the following:

Ageing !!!!!


Blood pressure


Body injuries

We evolved with our feet on the ground, barefoot, sleeping on the ground and not any more. We have been deprived the benefit of electrical contact with the mother earth. 

When you’re barefoot, electrons from the earth come up through your feet and spread throughout your body. The electrons are stored in certain specific parts of the body, which are known as the ground substance. Everywhere under the skin there’s ground substance, which is a reservoir of electrons in a design created by nature.

As often as possible expose any part of your body skin to the earth or grass.  When in a garden, use non-insulating shoes, or even as you sit and read or do other actions, stay grounded. Moist grass is a perfect conductor. Touch the trunk of a tree or lean on it and this virtually borrows some of its natural flow of electricity. It becomes yours, for free, with health benefits. The tree will cooperate in this function at no risk to you. The exception is in lightning conditions.

Blood Pressure

Red blood cells (RBC) tend to clump together, and very soon after you connect to the earth, they don’t clump. Not only do they not clump, but the blood becomes more fluid, less viscous. High blood viscosity has been connected to every aspect of cardiovascular disease.


Ageing is a result of cumulative damage caused by free radicals which form a leak during metabolism, and eventually destroy or damage important systems in the body. If you’re grounded, this is greatly reduced. Basically, anywhere a free radical shows up in the body, for whatever reason, if it shouldn’t be there, electrons from the earth can quickly neutralize these free radicals. Free radicals are positively charged, and they are looking for an electron, they are very destructive because they tear electrons out of cells and tissues; if you can neutralize the free radical quickly, you’re going to be healthier and live longer.

Earthing, regulates correct functioning of the nervous system.”  It contributes, to a “significant and probably primary neuromodulative influence” that enables the nervous system to function more naturally, and be better adapted to the stresses and demands of daily living.

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is a yardstick of how well the autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates heart function. Earthing improves HRV. It improves ANS by rapidly shifting it from a stressed, sympathetic mode to a calmer, parasympathetic mode.


The grounded body will not form inflammatory pockets around sites of injury. Injuries will heal quickly. And the connective tissue in the body that is free of inflammatory pockets will be more conductive to electrons and therefore will be better able to neutralize free radicals quickly wherever they form, from whatever cause. 

Insomnia & Thyroid

Earthing improves thyroid function. People, who have problem with sleep, sleep better after practicing earthing. Earthing has many more benefits (i.e ease of PMS symptoms, relief from pain, blood sugar).

Walk, at least for 30 minutes with your bare foot over moist grass in a garden. Expose your body to the earth for as long as possible. Even, sleep over the grass, at night (for chronic patients).

Caution - for those who are in medication - as you practice earthing, you may have to reduce your dosage of medication in consultation with your doctor.

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