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Here are Some of the Commonly-Believed Thoughts About Money ---

Money Does Not Grow on Trees.

Money Comes Only By Hard Work and Struggle.

It is Better To Have Peace of Mind Than Money.

Only a Few Can Be Rich. 

More Money Means More Problems. 

Love for Money is the Source of All Evil. 

Many of You Might have Placed Tick-marks against all the above.

Do You Want To Give Energy To These Thoughts?



Understand Money And The Real Power that Comes To You When You Move Beyond Money !

It will be a Totally Different Kind of Space. And This Space Allows You To Celebrate Life ~

The Real Sages of India have Experienced Peak of Richness and Move Beyond It Gracefully ~

Let Us Experience Money and than a Journey Beyond Money ~

Money Workshop by Suresh Padmanabhan in DELHI on 25 & 26 February.

Call +91 9953559330 

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