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Every relation can improve if we start thinking what we can give instead of what we are getting.

Most of the times, personally and professionally, whenever we meet a person we think that what benefit we can take out of that person. We proudly call it business networking. We always say that we should keep our personal and professional lives separate but the irony is its one individual and same thing we start cultivating in every relation, how can we benefit from this alliance. Now this world is simple, you get what you give. So if you want to take benefit out of people, you will meet same people who want to take benefit out of you in one or other way. You want to get something, others would want to get something from you. Everyone becomes a taker and there is no giver here so you start feeling there is a shortage of everything. However, if you inculcate giving attitude, everyone you meet would be of giving attitude or intentions and thus everything will become abundant in your life. The things start falling apart when you just look at what you are getting and not what you are giving, this will increase the tension in the chord and will stretch it to its limits. If you want any relation to improve, look at what you are able to give instead of what you are getting, the relation would start improving. Sometimes, you may feel, you are not able to give anything but i am sure having pure intentions and love is in your hands. Whether its a personal relation or a professional relation.

Two people fight because they do not look at 9/10 things done but focus on 1/10 which is not done as per our expectations. The other person wants a recognition for those 9/10 things. When we focus on that 1/10 thing, we create a feeling of lackness and relationship starts drifting away. Instead of this, if you focus on what is being done for you, it will create the feleing of abundance in your relationship. Moreover, similarly, for yourself, if you would focus on what more you can do, it will create the most beautiful unconditional relation in your life as it will be without expectation but will be based on the richness and abundance of your heart.

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