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Every misunderstanding cleared, gives a better understanding.

I will not have any misunderstanding with a person with whom I do not have any understanding. Whenever we are in a relationship we do go through communication gaps. Sometimes, its not easy to look at the intentions of a person because we are preoccupied with own thoughts or lets say self obsessed too. It does not mean that we do not want to be with that person. It simply means that we need to communicate openly with our clear intentions, and first of all, we need to clear our intentions in our mind because without that we cannot clear it with the other person too. Always have an intention of communicating and always have an intention of being together. No matter what the relationship type is. With father, with brother, with a friend or with your spouse. Misunderstandings happen, so that when you clear them, you get a better relationship with increased understanding. Moreover, it is important to clear those misunderstandings or else it would start denting the relation. Few days back, a couple came to me, who were on the verge of filing for a divorce because of increased mis understandings. They were not ready to listen to each other and blaming each other. Everything had piled on. Now you cannot open 100 knots in a rope together. For that you need to start opening from one end and reach to another end. We wrote down all the points and when we looked at them again, more than 50% of the points were cleared without even talking about them, with just the awareness as we all have different perspectives as we are different individuals. Rest were cleared with communication and they went back with a pledge of making a better relationship. So every misunderstanding happens, so that you can clear the gaps, or else you would not know where the gaps are but when you clear them, you would have a better understanding.

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