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Enneagram is  an ancient system for classifying personality types into 9 categories. It was used by Sufis and in Churches  to bring about insight and awakening in seekers. Iun present era Gurdieff is famous for using enneagram with his  students. A,H . Ahlmaas of Diamond approach uses Enneagram for finding  our deeper self.

So according to Enneagram there are 9 personalities;

1.Type 1-Reformer

Type 2- helper

3.Type 3.Achevier

4. Type 4 - Individualist

5. Type 5-Investigator

6. Type 6- Loyalist

7. Type 7- Enthusiast

8.Type 8- leader

9. Type 9- Peacemaker.


Personality is  a compensatory mechanism to deal with the loss of our true self.It is  a scaffolding to hold the fragile self.

 By understanding our  various personalities we realize the way to transcend our limited persona. ego is  a term often used in spiritual circles. But many of us keep wondering what is ego. Simply speaking ego is our identifications with any state of mind, body  or possessions. What ever we identify with is our ego. I am doctor,I am sad, I am happy I am this body,......etc.But important thing to realise is that we are not one personalities. We have multiple sub personalities each with different agenda, beliefs, motivations  in them. So when we talk  about enneagram types one of them is dominating rest other are  dormant. 



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Master Facilitator
Comment by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin on April 28, 2011 at 7:44am
Hi I will write in detail about each enneagram . Let me know about its utility.
Comment by TaposhiSamanta on April 21, 2011 at 11:19am

After attending the workshops on Enneagram, I am keen on learning more about Enneagram as it gives an insight to a personality type and its rectifications. Looking forward to more info. Thanx.


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