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I was awakened at 4 a.m today morning by my spouse." Can you chant with me for  Japan's Earth quake. This is Oshi Toro Gongyo". Half asleep and half understanding I decided to leave my bed reluctantly and joined her for early morning chanting. It was  a bit of struggle to shove the slumber and sit erect and continue chanting.  I was chanting mechanically when suddenly pictures of Tsunami hit Japan started flooding me. Sendai worst hit by 8.9 reiter   earthquake with more than300 people dead. 30 feet Ocean tides flooding and engulfing the beach and dissolving all that encountered in matter of  few hours.  With this I could feel the fear, eminent death , panic and experience of being swept off the ground....  oh it is really too scary. I donot want to feel all this. I am not in this . I am safe here.  I just looked at my knee jerk reaction. I decided to open myself and feel the pain and trauma of Japan . I decided  let me feel this without trying to block and  defend myself. Something started to melt and  soften.  The pain and suffering was just palpable and heart felt. I could feel vulnerability of human existence and uncertainty of life. More than that I could feel solidarity and oneness with  people in Japan. If we allow ourself to empathize something opens in us and our consciousness starts feeling expanded and one. So one reason we block our consciousness from expanding is we donot want to feel uncomfortable   with  the experience of others. But the price of this is losing our oneness and solidarity. if we allow our-self to feel the suffering of others sooner or later the wall of separation and ego identity starts melting.  We start expanding and feeling oneness in consciousness .

With this let me  express all support, solidarity and oneness to all facing this devastating experience in Japan.

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