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We have stepped into a TIME/Yuga where the Dynamics of Money, Life and Relationships are Changing Drastically.

This is the Time when we need to PAUSE and QUESTION certain Dimensions of Life.

What have you been working so hard for?

What did you gain out of it?

What change would you like to bring in your MONEY and LIFE now?

Friends, this is the TIME when we need to build the most Fundamental brick upon which the Whole Structure of Life is Laid.

This is the TIME when we need to HOLD ON to certain things in Life!  

One such thing is – SUPPORT GROUP.

We have no control over External Events Now. Things are changing even as you are reading this.And there is Only One thing that we can do –

“We can create a Strong Foundation so that the Outside Events doesn’t shake us".

You can create a path where you are Mentored and Coached by a Competent and Wise Expert. So that finally, you see a Growth in Life!

Energy is Shifting so drastically, we might ‘experience’ the most unexpected things in Life, Work, Relationships!

How does one cope with this change?

What can you do when you feel that Pain, Guilt, Regret, Loss in Money, Wealth and Life?

Will you do something that further wastes your Money and Time?

There is ONE and only ONE Essential Requirement NOW – ‘Balanced State of Mind’.

Your “State of Mind” will now Determine Your “State of Prosperity”.

“Balanced State of Mind” is the Need of the Hour.

Use Tools, Techniques, Methods, Systems that will bring Healthy Ways of Handling Money and Life. 

One Such Platform where we Introduce these Tools/Techniques/Methods is 'Money Workshop'.

Most of the people feel that, MONEY WORKSHOP is the Need of the Hour!

What is Money Workshop?

Money Workshop is First of its Kind, Intensive and Original Workshop on Money and Wealth Management, running Successfully since 1998 across Russia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Middle East, Nepal, Mauritius, Malaysia and almost every corners of India.

A Fully Experiential Workshop where you will be Empowered on Money, Life and Spirituality.

Here you will discover the Ultimate Instructions Manual of Money. Most of the people have used “Trial and Error” in handling Money all through Life. And this could have been disastrous as there is a Heavy 

Cost to pay for Errors. As School or College never teaches Money Skills, Smart people will now take an active step in Understanding Money.

Discover Methods/Systems to remove your unhealthy ways of Handling money and move towards Processes that will ensure Success.

You Will Always Remember 'The Money Workshop'.

Move towards Money, Balance, Confidence and New Found Direction in Life!

This is God sent and it will ensure that you have Complete mastery over all vital areas of Life such as Money, Work, Health and Relationships.

P.S. - Money Workshop is Authentic and based on Practical Applications in your Life.

Next Money Workshop in Delhi, 4-5 February 2017.

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