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Don't Wait for Some Setback to Wake you up in Life ~ Suresh Padmanabhan

Let's Not Take Our Lives Casually!

All the Luxuries that we Enjoy is ... all thanks to Money and affluence of Parental Heritage.

Even the Mechanical Acts such as Shopping, Malls, Movies, Lifestyle requires Money.

Than why not pay attention to this Game? 

Why take it so Causally?

Are we waiting for some setback to wake us up from our Sleep?

We all go through our Share of Learnings, we all make Profits and Losses in Life... but ask yourself ...

Do you always want it the hard way?

Why do we step into the Struggle zone when Life is Willing to offer us Wisdom and showing us the path of Ease and Comfort ! !

There is a Manual for every new gadget that you purchase, similarly there os MANUAL for MONEY. Once you go through that, you know the Do's and Don't. And you will be able to USE this tool call MONEY much more effectively.

Understand the Holistic Dimensions of MONEY, LIFE and SPIRITUALITY...

Register for MONEY WORKSHOP on 27-28 AUGUST 2016.

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