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Do you want to be truthful for yourself or be a fake for someone else?

I met someone in a party and the girl was very uncomfortable in what she was wearing. I asked her, what is the problem, she said she does not like all the jewellery and its making her uncomfortable. I asked her then why she is wearing all the ornaments and she said, she is in a crowd and she is supposed to wear that. Then the next question was , what would she get out of that and she was looking at my face. I asked her again, what people have to do with her wearing jewellery or not. If she likes it she can wear but just because she is in a crowd she does not have to wear jewellery. She did not understand because it was clashing with her idea of going to a party and she forgot what actually she wanted. I asked her, if given a choice how would she like to be, she said, she would like to wear simple clothes with no blingy stuff and then she realised that she is not doing what she had wanted, instead she was becoming what she was not just ebcause she thoughts others expect her to be like this.
Our society is funny, we are taught to be fake because we all like fake things. We are not taught to be honest. We are not taught how to be truthful to ourselves. We are taught how to appease others at the cost of our truth. One gentleman said that I am lying and I know I should not lie but this is what people want to hear so I am speaking same. What an irony, we are taught to get our way by losing our most precious self. People want everyone to be like them and thats why they want to impose their ideas on everyone around. In that if someone is stronger than them, they keep quiet or if someone is weaker, they enforce. We want xerox copies around us. We dont say be what you want to be, what special gift you have bought, we dont let people express their free ideas, if someone does, we call them revolutionaries, we say be like him, be like her. IS this the fake world we want to create and give to our children or would we want to create a world which is free, supression free, full of love and is honest to each other? If we want an honest world, we need to shed all the layers right now and be truthful to ourselves first. We dont ahve to become someone else for someone else. We just need to be truthful and we will be able to craete a world full of love. Because when we become fake, we want everyone else also to be fake or may be its hidden ego, if I could not do what I wanted to, why should someone else do what he/she wants to. IS this our hidden agenda...if not..then open up and be free and be truthful..create a better world..create a better you.

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Comment by Sheetal Jain on March 4, 2013 at 5:08pm

Thank you

Comment by dinesh sahay on March 4, 2013 at 12:41pm

Nice article. Live simple and do what you want and not what others feel about you

. Dinesh sahay

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