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Once before Astral Projection I had a strange thought ' Do We have Taste after we Die' 

I dismissed this thought and proceeded with my practice of astral  projection.   I was in deep trance and started having signs of Astral Activation. Normally this is Buzzing sensation in body .  I continued this and in some time I could feel my astral body separating from physical body. By now I had many out of body experiences so I was quite familiar with the sense of being out of body. Strangely every time I find it difficult to differentiate  whether I am in Astral body or still in my Physical body. I have to rely on certain signs to make sure that I am in astral body. I can clearly feel my astral feet touching the ground and if I touch anything the sensation is very real and simulates normal physical sensation. It takes few moments for me to understand that I am in Astral body. Had it not because of my training and previous experiences .it would be very difficult to differentiate the two. This would really make sense because when people die they suddenly  find that they are in Astral Body . They are not able to understand that they have passed from physical dimension and gone to Astral Dimension. Robert Monroe  the famous Out Of Body Experiencer who wrote Journeys Out Of Body once meet a Man in Astral Dimension who had died in ship wreck 200 years back but still stuck in Astral Dimension thinking that he was still in his physical body. Robert Monroe guided him  on Higher Dimensions. In Tibet there is practice of Bardo or guiding the Dead ones in higher dimension. My teacher Paula Horan is really an adept in this .

  Any how let me go ahead with my journey. I came out in my Astral Body. Started walking and soon I saw that I am in a party. Many of mt friends are there. I was asked what would you like to taste. I said Raj Kachori from Haldi Ram and Cold Water. Instantly I was served with RakKachori. This is my favorite snacks. I could not wait to gulp it down. As I put a morsel of it in my  mouth I had real sensation exactly like I would have in physical dimension. This time the taste was absolutely clear and strong occupying  much larger part of my consciousness and then I drank water. It also felt exactly same as it would feel   on Physical dimension. After this I came back to my Physical body I got my answer. I knew why tradition like Tarpan is there in Hinduism and there are similar customs in other Religions also.

I would like to invite you all in my upcoming Workshop in Astral Projection on 28th and 29th March at D-333 Defence Colony  . New Delhi. Contact 9818704499, 9311444806 

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