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ACE suggests that it is not only a mind and body connection that explains why we fall sick. In reality, it is a very precise and detail driven connection between organ, mind, brain and social elements. It is clear that each part of our brain corresponds to one specific organ, and one specific conflict or trauma, and an environmental-social experience. So, accordingly, if we experience what is called a conflict shock, or an event that is unexpected, or a very dramatic and emotional incident, then our bodies react with what a disease and symptoms like cancer, eczema, diabetes and other similar issues. It is every so often that we hear the word Stress. Doctors and medical experts say that it is the biggest factor that plays a role in ill health. Specific kinds of emotional stress do have a specific effect on specific organ-brain relays.

Every organ in the body is directly related to a specific biological conflict. For example, let’s take the skin, specifically the epidermis or the upper skin. This is affected by a loss-of-contact-conflict. Another example is the lungs, more specifically the alveoli, which is affected by a fear-of-death conflict. This presupposes that disease is a meaningful process. How does that happen? Something happens suddenly. This is a trigger event. Consequently, you find that you have knee pain or high blood pressure.

Then, at some point in the journey, the symptoms may have disappeared by themselves, or you may have gone for some form of treatment and it would have gotten better. Without analyzing, we found two very clearly defined points in every disease and healing cycle. This is the onset and disappearance of symptoms. Now, it is very important part not to stop here, but rather, to integrate all the major points and phases that are a part of the complete healing cycle.

You may notice only parts of that healing process: inflammation, headache or exhaustion in the regeneration phase, or high blood pressure in the stress phase. This natural cycle of stress and regeneration is going on all the time in your body and is the principal process of your organism to create balance. Symptoms have biologically value in general. Even if we accept that emotions cause disease, one question still remains. Why do specific emotions trigger specific disease processes? Let’s take an example. Imagine a mother walking on a street with a young child with her. The child is bouncing a ball and drops it. The ball rolls into the road. The child instinctively runs after it. Imagine, at that moment, a car turns in and hits the child. How does the mother react? The accident is unexpected, dramatic, and emotional. She has no strategy for dealing with it. She will instantaneously go into a fight or flight freeze response. If her primary emotion is to worry for the child’s survival, she will also get a growth in her breast gland cells. This unexplained growth, if diagnosed by a medical doctor, is likely to be labelled as a breast cancer. Why does this happen? The occurrence is an emergency programme that helps enable a woman to produce milk to nurture the child back to good health. It is a biologically meaningful response. Therefore, disease is a logical and meaningful process, from an evolutionary perspective.

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