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Compassion is not our choice. Its a necessity to be a human.

I saw a hungry dog sitting next to a child who had just got his plate of food. The child took half bread from his plate and offered to the dog. The dog ate the bread rapidly and then was looking at child again. The child gave another bigger piece and that too was finished by dog. After that dog left and child finished his food. A small but heart touching incidence. I felt like going and hugging and smiling. That child was more beautiful than any other thing in this world at that moment. A small child who can give his food to a hungry dog without expecting anything in return just doing it because he shared a heart and soul with him. You cann a human a dog and that person feels offended but can we call a human a human too? What is the definition of a human? A species which is evolved enough to grow its awareness, take care of each other and spread love. A species which can reflect upon what it is doing. Or else where is the difference between animals and humans? But the big question is are we human enough or are we becoming like animals? These days we feel a little charity is done to boost the ego and is a special characterstics. Are we going back in our awareness taht much?

Compassion is a virtue which is necessary to be a human. Its is not a special quality which makes us a different individual. Everyone needs this to be a human first or else we are not suppoosed to be called as human. Compassion connects one human with another human and one creature with another creature. It is a flow of emotions which makes us realize Universal oneness. If we do not feel compassion inside us, we dont realize that how we are connected with each other and probably thats why someone else's pain does not affect us. The truth is we all are connected and compassion is an expression of that. To keep us connected we nede to experience or else we disconnect ourselves from thsi Universe. If you cut your finger and put it seperate from body part, how long that finger can be live, same way, a part of Universe which cannot feel the pain of another part is seperated and cannot be alive for long. It would be dead very soon and same way because we cannot fele the part of rest of the body we are also dying. So its not a choice, its a necessity to feel everyone and everything, so that we stay alive and we stay connected or else we would start dying. probably tahts why these days everything appears so dead.

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Comment by Sheetal Jain on March 14, 2013 at 8:21am
Thank you
Comment by Shivani Khetan on March 13, 2013 at 9:27pm

well said

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