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Co-existence of the mystics and metrics - a path of transformational existence

This morning, while listening to Osho, I got carried into a world of 'bhava' - a transient state, short of samadhi, of inexplicable bliss. A state where I felt merged with the Existence. A state in which I felt intense love for and oneness with all sentient being around me. I kissed the hibiscus and marveled at the rhythmic movement of the crawling centipede. I felt like serving and caring for all forms of life around me - the gardner, the partner; the neighbor, the stranger; the creditors, the debtors - all alike. Like a object made of sugar I felt dispersed and dissolved in the immeasurable Infinite. Till I had to respond to the doorbell and let the domestic help in. I was brought back to the world of metrics, the maya, the measurable. And thus came back my thoughts, my words and my urge to share with you the insights I am left with.
  1. The world of mystics and metrics  do not conflict. They co-exist. In the former I loose my form to merge with the Formless. And in the later, I return to form and yet stat connected to the Formless, the Source where I came from, to get into creation - the very reason for which I have been given a form.

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