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Break Away from The Menu Card Mentality - By Suresh Padmanabhan

You Lend Someone $20 and never see that person Again it was probably Worth It ~ AuthorUnknown

You go to a Restaurant. The First thing you thrust on is a Menu Card.

Most of You will First Look towards the right side where the Prices are given. Later one turns to look at the left side where the Eatables and Beverages are Listed. 

You want to Buy Clothes. You see the items that you like a lot.

As You go near You can see the Price Tag and sure it is Exorbitant!

So, you have dropped the Idea of being dressed up in that really smart set of clothes.

Finally, you pick up clothes whose price tags don't give you a shock! 

These are many instances that we come across that have Etched a Pattern in Our Lives!

We Attract things which we don't like, because the best things, that we would like to choose have dropped out, due to their prices! 

This Later Develops into a Viscous Cycle and Starts Affecting Other Areas of Our Lives! 

We Attract a Job or a Business Line, which doesn't really Interest Us. Next, we get Customers that we aren't particularly fond of and if things go really bad for us, we end up being Miserable. 

To Break This Dangerous Cycle, we have to do Something Right Now!

3 Steps That Will Help You Break Away From The Menu Card Mentality - 

1. Look at the Left Side of the Menu Card, Give Some Importance To Your Likes and Preferences. 

Soon You Will See a Fresh Whiff of Fragrance in Your Life. 

Slowly and Steadily, You Will Start Appearing Attractive on the Outside, Since You Are Feeling Attractive from Inside!

2. Use Good Quality Things and Take Pride in doing so! 

You Will Soon Start Experiencing a Whole Reversal. 

3. Earn Well and Spend Well. You Will Start Attracting Things That You Like. 

Settle Only for the Best Things in Life! 

Simply Because You Deserve It! 

Discover More of Yourself.


Suresh Padmanabhan

Inspirational Speaker, Life Designer, Coach & Mentor people in areas of Money, Relationship, Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Author of International Best-Seller 'I Love Money'.

Founder of 'Money Workshop' and Sankalpa Siddhi- Eastern Law of Attraction 

To Know More - 

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