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   It was 30th December night  and I was in a marriage function. I got a call from Chennai that my brother , who had been waiting for liver transplantation has got a cadveric Donor i.e some one who has died in accident or sudden death is donating liver. I booked my urgent flight and next day I was in Chennai. Surgery lasted for 15 hours and luckily he did very well. I met him after 15 hours ordeal and  he was smiling very confidantly. Next day  I went to see him and he was sitting and very cheerful. I could feel some deep change and transformation in him which I could not explain.

" How are you, Prince" I asked

" I am feeling very well except for constant Head ache. I could feel presence of my Guruji with me throughout the night"

" Should I give you some healing" I asked feeling what could be done to ameliorate his pain.

" yes I would like to try"

I could feel he has changed in some inexplicable way. There was a glow around his face and he felt as if he is not from this world.

I strarted passing energy from distance as he was in strict ICU care and I was not allowed to be closer than 3 feet from him.

I could feel gush of energy from my hand and my body started Buzzing. I knew something is happening ....

Few minutes would have elapsed when he interrupted " Stop the healing"

I stopped " What Happened"

"  I can clearly see the scene where a truck is hitting 32 yeras young boy. He is hit on head by falling in road and the truck is speeding away. The number of Truck is 3911 .This head ache is the remanant of injury suffered by my donor."

I was surprised. Frist prince was not into sprituality or healing. He would never be intrested in any of my healing stories nor had any interest in past life or any new Age stuff.He was  a contactor focussed on doing his Bussiness and never ventured beyond that.

" last night I felt presence of beautiful light surrounding me. It told me i will be healed. I am not concerned about my healing now. I want to pray for other patients in ICU. I have seen Death so closely. Right now I am feeling immense love for every one. I am experiencing I want to give what all I have. the joy of giving is much  more than of having"

I was really taken aback to hear these words from him. He never spoke like that before. I  had read in many books as Life after Life  that many people who survive near death excperience are transformed. This was something I was witnessing first hand.

Something was shaken in me. Death which we all shudder can transform us so deeply. A glimpse of death can change one so deeply was shaking me to the core. 

"Jindagi jo na kar paayi,

Who Mautt ne kar dikhaya

Yu in in siskiyo me,khan Jinda they hum,

Jate jate, Jeenae  ka slaab   sikhlaa dhiya"

There is big transformation in his behaviour and life's understanding. He is more caring, loving and joyful than ever before.

One message for all my friends, Cadveric organ donation is still very rare in India. If we pledge to donate our organs we can save  7 lifes. In India Chennai is one state where maximum cadveric Transplants are going on. Hats off to all the families who  are opening to this. I am from Delhi the capital of India. We need to bring this thought and attitude to Delhi and whole of North india. 

Share Your Organs after Death, Life is eternal and we all are connected. Helping one life can transform many things on evolutionary plane.

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