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Attract Money- Learning from a 3000 year old story- Suresh Padmanabhan

There is one story in childhood which I heard from my Grandmother. This story is from the popular Aesop’s Fables, credited to Aesop a slave and a story teller who lived in Greece about 620 and 560 BCE. This story hence is as old as 3000 years.

Read the story first, then we will speak about Money.

THE GRAPES ARE SOUR from The Aesop’s Fables

Once upon a time, there was this hungry fox who was roaming around here and there searching for food. Because of hunger, he was feeling weak and tired. Fortunately, he came to a garden where he saw a grape-vine laden with bunches of juicy grapes.

The fox looked at the grapes, with its mouth watering and longing eyes. He jumped high to grab the grapes, but as the bunches were high, failed miserably. So he sat down for a while to take some rest. On feeling refreshed, he jumped again as high as he could, to get at the grapes. But he failed this time too. He tried quite a number of times but failed each time.

Forced to give, he just walked away and instead of accepting his failure, he remarked "the grapes are sour”

Attract Money- Learning from a 3000 year old story

Similarly the person who is not able to make money, for any reasons best known to him says “Money is bad or Money is Evil”. This does not stop there, the negative messages keep spreading and impacting many more people around.

Human beings by Nature want some crutches to hold on. They want to make some excuses or have a reason which will not make them feel responsible.

But whatever the fox said, it actually did not get to eat the grapes.

Look at the bottom line; friends, whatever you say or think- Money is a reality. It is a physical energy. It is vital. When your family asks for food, you cannot say, I don’t have money because money is evil or whatever excuse you may be master of.

Hence learn to Attract Money and  Learn from this  3000 year old story.

So when you say Money is Evil, maybe you are not capable of earning money, or when you say " Money is not an important part of life", it could be that you are not successful in earning and handling money.

It is not important to learn, it is important to take action. Live in the Learning of the wisdom. Make it a part of your life.

Think, Ponder, Stop making Money Excuses and face the reality boldly. God bless.

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