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Angel channeling is the most advanced method of data transference used today and is the precursor to a new form of telepathic communication known around the Universe as energy chanelling.

The word Angels is derived from Greek word “Angelos” which means Messengers . In truth Angels act as a bridge between Heavens and Earth and derive utmost pleasure by bringing us answered prayers and important guidance from Divine.

In my experience, i have discovered that the Angels are extremely powerful Healers and can heal your Finances, help you find good jobs, relationships, marriage, heal behavioural issues, Depression, loneliness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders,Addictions ,finding homes, property and are loaded with valuable messages and loving guidance from our CREATOR -GOD that are meant particularly and specifically for each one of us in context with the individual situations and soul growth pattern that we have contracted to before incarnating in the human body. Being the children of GOD each one of us is naturally blessed with the ability to easily receive this valuable guidance and then at will channel it to help others grow in peace and harmony. That’s the whole BIG PLAN of the CREATION itself. TO LOVE AND HELP EACH OTHER RISE AND UNITE IN ONENESS FROM THE SEEMING DIVERSITY.AMEN

My “ANGEL CHANELLING AND POWER MANIFESTATIONS” PROGRAM aims at helping you develop your own innate abilities to easily channel Angelic Guidance and healing messages for situations ranging from” not so important – important- Most important – Urgent in an effortless way and steers you into the magical field of Manifestations where together we will get to operate from the very core of our true being, our pure essence that knows all and heals all.AMEN


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