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Have you ever been a victim of intrigues and false accusations? Does a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a neighbor bear false witness against you? Has somebody or a group of persons tried with all their might to mar your reputation ceaselessly and destroy your name for them to go up in the ladder of success or just to take vengeance against you?  Or have you ever experienced to become an intimidator and an adept creator of lies, intrigues,  and common gossip?

Despite your being so nice and supportive to your  family, friends or co-employees, there will always  be a few who envy you and because of that they don't  respect you and your decisions. There are others who think they deserve your job or your social status. Those envious people can be found not only below you but among your peers who think they are competing with you for the next upper level of success which is true in one's job, social or spiritual group. It is true that competition brings the best out in people but it also brings the worst in others.

These envious people can easily be identified, for they are the ones who argue with you during meetings  and gatherings, and who delight in every setback  that you encounter and who do not hide their  contempt for any success that you earn. They are the ones who destroy your reputation among your colleagues. But they are the first ones to reconcile with you when you have regained your power and material wealth for obvious reasons. Beware!

The root causes of all these could be ignorance,  greed, and envy. Ignorance of the Universal Laws,  greed of material wealth, fame and power, and envy  of others' accomplishments.

The creation of intrigues, false accusations, and  common gossip begins with an evil thoughtform,  without realizing the harm he has done to himself  and to the object of his/her hatred and jealousy.   The man or the woman who is capable of doing these  tries so much to share his/her evil thoughts and  desires to other people, those who would readily  believe him/her and together they spread the "virus  of sin" to everybody they know. This is being done  and is happening everyday not by one individual but
by thousands or even millions of ignorant people.

There is no victor in this common situation. The one on the receiving end becomes the poor sufferer and  the originator also suffers the backlash of the Law of Retribution. for you reap what you sow.

These are obstacles in our spiritual path, the path  which we can find only within our inner selves.   First we must possess the understanding that we are  a part of all living creation not only of this  planet earth but in other planets and universes as  well. Any good that we do and any harm that we  inflict to another affects us ten or a hundred times more, according to the Law of Karma.

We must endeavor to discipline and bring into control our lower selves and must not be dismayed by  repeated failures and obstacles for they are  cleansing agents in our quest for purification and  perfection, and bring lessons for our growth. We can  always be humbled but strengthened in the process.  Let us remember that God is giving us all the chances to transform ourselves despite our failing marks.

We ought to pity and extend help to those who fall  instead of hating and condemning them for their  mistakes and extend to them kind thoughts and  assistance that they may rise again to continue  their difficult journey in treading the narrow path  to perfection.

In his book "At the Feet of the Master" J.  Krishnamurti said, "Never speak ill of anyone;  refuse to listen when any one else speaks ill of  another. It requires a certain amount of courage to  do this but it should be done, on kindness to the  gossiper and to the person who is being criticized.   If you hear a story against anyone, do not repeat it  for it may not be true, and even if it is, it is  kinder to say nothing." Jesus the Christ is refuted to have said that "for every idle word that men  shall speak they shall give account in the day of judgment."

And if you are the victim and the poor sufferer of  intrigues and gossips, never mind them and their evil works for people have been doing and saying  nasty things about other people since the creation  of the world. Have faith in the Law of Cause and  Effect for all efforts of your detractors will be  made in vain. It has been said that "Never wrestle  in the mud with a pig, you both get dirty. But the  pig likes it." According to Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, “There is only a limited time within which man can continue violating a universal law without suffering the consequences.  When this time is up, he must bear the bitter outcome of his violations.”

In the Theosophical movement, it says that "it is  common habit with many human beings to find fault  constantly with their own lot in life and with any  and every thing around, from the God in heaven to  the earth beneath their feet...each individual  judges, criticizes and condemns others according to  his own idea of life and his own understanding of  the laws of life."

So let us endeavor to "SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL,  SPEAK NO EVIL" until such time that we only have  loving kindness and compassion left in our hearts and soul,  cleansed of impurities through daily living. Until  all our thoughts, speech and action will only be for  the good of our brethren and for all other living  creatures seen or unseen, in and out of this world,  which great mysteries we could not fathom. We should  always invoke the Great Architect of the Universe,  to always support us under the trials and  afflictions which we are destined to endure while  traveling through this valley of tears.






 Willie S. Aniñon – The Pathless Path (Mindanao Goldstar Daily) 12/30/01


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Comment by Wilfredo S. Aniñon on November 29, 2011 at 9:31am

Thanks Adiseshan.B. for the nice comment...

Comment by Adiseshan.B. on November 28, 2011 at 6:52pm

True Leadership in guiding people to understand better about relationships, and the like.It's just Lovely.

Comment by Wilfredo S. Aniñon on November 28, 2011 at 3:19pm

Thanks Deepti Sachdeva...

Comment by Deepti Sachdeva on November 28, 2011 at 3:15pm

Its beautiful!!

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