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A thousand lamps lighting a million lives.

Over the years we have witnessed an alarming increase in the population of self-proclaimed, appointed and anointed teachers and masters. To fortify their existence, they have not only beguiled others to follow them and tom-tom their goodness, they have also gone ahead to acquire inadequate certifications predominantly from the West. It is as if they now have a license to kill. 
Notwithstanding the realm and dimensions of their reach, these individuals have come to entrap gullible human beings and make them subservient to their power, which is often manipulative, sometimes coercive and rarely influencing. Far from being enablers, their nature predominantly is predatory.

These parasitic creatures infest all institutions. While it is easy to find them in academic and religious institutions, you will be amazed to see so many self-proclaimed Krishna-s in the business world too, who have taken it upon themselves to mentor the Arjuna-s to ‘perform’ – where performance is decided by these mentors in terms of furthering their own agendas, motives and design. 

While at the intent level these self-proclaimed teachers and masters seem to be committing themselves to a noble act, in reality they are far far away from nobility. They project upon the unsuspecting students / proteges the unresolved authority issues lying dormant on their unconscious. This is leading to the latter being engaged in toxic control games, their energies getting sucked and often being left emotionally crippled, beyond repairs.

In response to my calling to enable human transformation and awakening, I have decided to launch a movement whereby those who are passionate about touching lives of others and making a difference, will be enrolled, enabled and engaged, in numbers, to enable others to transform and awaken as human beings. This is a movement of sorts and over a period of time, I hope this will lead to outnumbering the fake parasitic enablers to bring a healthy learning climate in all walks of life.

If you are a teacher, trainer, instructor, administrator or even a manager-mentor by choice, come, be a part of my mission.
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