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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We all need to be able to adapt quickly to the monumental changes which are imminent. To affect the transformation in the easiest way possible, we need to reach a critical mass of individuals (8 – 11% of the earth’s population) who are no longer controlled by an ego/fear-based motivation. In order to accomplish this, flexibility,, accompanied by a calm mind, as well as a high degree of life force energy, at this time, are important attributes to cultivate. Thus the sharing of Reiki is even more essential than ever. Dr. Usui

At no time on the earth, have we had such powerful tools available, to so quickly clear our delusional patterns and transform them into love and acceptance for both others and ourselves. What is essential is that we patiently continue to spread the word and through our own Reiki practice, help enough people find their true purpose and magnificence in order to share the benefits with others.

It is for this reason, that I have had a strong inner call to head out on the road to share these tools (Reiki and Tapping) that may help accelerate this transformation. For some time I have wanted to create a special program for people in the Reiki community who wish to teach and also for those who are feeling a deep inner call for change; a call to break through their old conditioned patterns and explore, in greater depth, the vastness and incredible potential of our Real Inheritance – the awesomeness of Wisdom Mind.

Of one thing I am certain: after more than twenty-five years of experience helping people process fear-based emotions and doubt: negative emotions carry a very dense energy field which cause us to regress into a selfish-ego-identified-state. Therefore the main thing each one of us can do in one cooperative effort for Humanity, is to take responsibility for our individual share of negative unconscious stored memories and transform them energetically to fuel more beneficial, cooperative experiences.

To help accomplish this, I will offer a program that will give teachers very practical tools they can share, to help themselves as well as others handle the current and coming changes, and integrate mastery in their own life.

Heart Breath

HeartBreath, which is based on my recently completed book, Fierce Innocence: Radical Acceptance Of What Is, will be presented as a separate workshop alongside Module I of the Forum On Reiki Mastership. Both programs will provide expansive experiences for the participants and convey a number of very simple yet practical tools, which will help you integrate a new way of being, of perceiving your life. Participants will learn a new set of tools to help people very quickly overcome severe long lasting traumas such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias of all kinds, and to relieve both physical and emotional pain, most times in a matter of minutes. These tools provide immediate and permanent relief when nothing else seems to work.

HeartBreath (a one day program), will teach you:

* How the Earth Changes, and Negative Challenges of our time are simply knowable, natural repeating cycles that have created New Beginnings in the Past…and now into the Future.
* How we can assist the Global Cleansing Process occurring on the earth and reap the benefits for ourselves, out friends and loved ones……and for all of humanity.
* The HeartBreath Meditation and how we can use it to make Graceful Transitions into the Future.
* Human Solutions and Tools for Establishing and Maintaining Emotional Well Being in Challenging times.

The two-day Reiki Master Training Forum is aimed toward people who:

* Have been Reiki Masters (or have considered mastership) for quite some time and wish to examine ways to go deeper into self-mastery. It is for those, who like Dr. Usui, an advanced meditation master, share what seems to have been his main concern for his students: to help them discover their own true nature. His path was to aid all beings in following the Buddha’s maxim to tame one’s own mind. The practice of Reiki is one expression of that path.
* People who have received the Third Degree Reiki Empowerment in the past, but never taught and now wish to explore the possibility of teaching Reiki
* Second Degree practitioners who are considering Third Degree and seek more depth and understanding of the process.
* Mature or Long time Reiki practitioners (even of First Degree Level who would like to attend Module I and II) and who wish to explore further the depth of Reiki, as well as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Core Empowerment Training CET to help further their spiritual growth and maturity.

Much Love & Light

Dr. Paula Horan

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Comment by Deepti Sachdeva on September 5, 2010 at 5:16pm
I am a fan of you Dr. Paula :-)
Comment by Ruchi Mehra on September 5, 2010 at 5:12pm
I am so excited about this workshop ... cant wait!

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