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You often land in situations that  are correctional in nature. These situations come up to restore harmony and balance that you had at some point in time disrupted by some thoughts and actions of yours and you label them as misfortune. In your frenzied attempt to get out of such situations you fail to see the doorway and bang your head against the wall. You label this experience that you create for yourself as misery.

Here are five simple steps of finding the doorway and getting out of the the misery and misfortune:

  1. Acknowledge that you are in misery - while it is okay to hop malls and partys and drown yourself in the din of meaningless chatter to avoid confronting your misery and misfortune, at least in the privacy of your closet, acknowledge to yourself  that you are miserable and muster up the courage to get in touch with your misery.
  2. Accept that you are responsible for the misery - how often you cry foul, naming all and sundry, except yourself as responsible for your misery. After all, who was sleep walking, did not see the door and banged against the wall? Wasn't it you? Once again, if accepting openly hurts your pride, in the privacy of your closet accept that you are the one responsible for the misery. That you are miserable. And better still, you are the misery.
  3. Activate your conscience - the hidden ear - while we have five senses to capture stimuli from the physical plane which get's translated to instructions for response, we have a sixth inner sense - the conscience - that can be activated to listen to the voice of Universe. The activation key - the Master Key - is in your awareness. The space you find yourself when you manage to quieten the rambling of your thoughts. You don't need to do anything. The moment you are aware, your conscience get's activated.
  4. Attune to the voice of Universe - the Universe does not speak in familiar language for it does not think in familiar linear logic. Its language is metaphorical, its thought expansive. Let your conscience listen, without any anticipation or expectation. Let the listening happen. Do not try to 'listen'. Soon you will get to hear seemingly illogical messages. You are possibly now attuned to the voice of the Universe.
  5. Attend to Conscience - now bring your attention to this mega listening device of yours, your Conscience. It needs a certain amount of surrender to stay with this supervisory device. And while you are attending, you will soon notice a kind of a light bulb flash - an idea, a thought-like thing pass by. Your conscience has captured the voice of Universe and has now send instructions for you to act upon. Instructions that will show you the doorway and lead you out of it.  

It's like the white rabbit which now you need to follow, with humility, to get out of this world of misery.

Happy journey, down the rabbit hole!

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Comment by Ankur Agarwal on February 15, 2012 at 8:04am

Thanks for your reply.


Comment by Indroneil Mukerjee on February 14, 2012 at 3:51pm

Ankur ... I faintly remember once when I was going through very tough times financially and had 'tuned' in, I got a sensing that I need to value conservation. Not very illogical when we look at it systemically, however when I started 'responding' to it miraculously new vistas got opened up which I could not have predicated logically. Another of my proteges when struggling with a relationship related misery was tuned in to find Shiva. :). So, at best, these so-called messages are symbological.

Yes, tuning begins with awareness. However, it needs conscious attention to listening to 'anahat' Nada  ... a process which needs to be guided in a meditative state.

All ideas are from the past where as the messages come from a space of eternity. They are more like sign-posts, directions.

Hope I have been able to address you inquiry, which ideally is best answered through experiences of the mystic process. Words can be just an approximation of the reality.

In faith and compassion


Comment by Ankur Agarwal on February 14, 2012 at 3:25pm

Attuning to voice of the Universe. What type of illogical messages do we hear. Just curious to know. 

Moreover, by being aware itself will we be attuned to the voice of Universe.

The universe conversation converts into an idea is what you mean. We need to follow that idea provided to us by the  conscience through the universe.

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