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I recently came across a wonderful Near Death Experience of Anita Mooljani which changed her  entire outlook to life.

 The memoir of Anita goes like this- Anita  a Hong Kong based Indian and had Hodg Kin Lymphoma . This cancer metastasized to whole body and became grade 4  Lymphoma . On 2nd February 2006 she feel into deep coma. Doctors

informed her husband that Anita is not going to survive. It was apparent that all her organs were failing. But in that coma Anita found herself in a expanded state of consciousness with feeling of immense love and acceptance embracing her. 

"Oh my God, I feel incredible! I’m so free and light! How come I’m not feeling any more pain in my body? Where has it all gone? Hey, why does it seem like my surroundings are moving away from me? But I’m not scared! Why am I not scared? Where has my fear gone? Oh wow, I can’t find the fear anymore!"

In that state of awareness Anita clearly understood why she had cancer. She had clear understanding that all her life she was trying to please others and fit in society. She could never be herself. In that love and acceptance she fully and unconditionally accepted herself. As this shift happened she knew her cancer would be healed and she would return to life. She came to consciousness after 30 hours and in few weeks her stage 4 cancer totally disappeared. She still shares her amazing story with every one and has authored a book ' Dying To Be Me" which is best seller and now being translated in 22 languages.

 Her messages to the world are

Life is gift and everything happening to us is a gift

Accept and love ourself and others unconditionally.

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