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3 tips to heal past wounds and be free - How I healed and helped my son


I am the mother of a very loving 16 year old son. In my quest for 'doing what's best for him' I have knowingly and unknowingly hurt him, mind you I'm not proud of it.

Most of us as children have been reprimanded or as parents have corrected our children with the intent of helping them. Little do we know that these may at times create a wound for them, and if not addressed in time, may result in serious issues for them.

Just like in my case, my son started shutting down emotionally and would not be as open to sharing as he normally is. He would also throw tantrums and sometimes get aggressive to the point to hurt himself or others.

Wounds for us could be anything.

Getting dumped in a relationship, bosses not understanding our point of view or even something someone might have said or did in the past. It doesn't really matter. What really matters is getting down to the heart of the matter and root it out from there.

Little did I know that something as simple as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) could help the opening and releasing of wounds. It started of as something simple as getting rid of a bad cold or a pain. In the past few days though my son has not only been able to face his wounds, but also effectively communicate them to me in a way that is beneficial for all without the trauma that facing pain causes.

EFT is clinically proven and is effective in eliminating any kind of emotional or physical pain at the root level with ease:

  • Michael and Uma overcame their fear of public speaking.
  • Apoorva overcame her thyroid imbalance.
  • Jayant increased his income through clients
  • Emma gave up her chocolate cravings and lost weight

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P.S - Releasing pain and healing wounds is easy with EFT! 

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