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3 Things Happy And Successful People Don't Do - Amit Dhull

For close to a decade in my work as a success coach, I helped individuals to discover their passion and to live a life true to themselves rather than a life that's expected of them by society, friends, families…

The key lesson that I learnt from my own experiences, working with my clients and other coaches is that it only take a couple of bad habits to stop you from achieving your dreams. But once you freed yourself of these habits or routines, it can bring the joy and fulfilment that you desire in life.

Here are the 3 things happy and successful people don’t do:

Try to please everybody

The thing that I know for sure is that trying to please everybody is the key to experiencing pain and failure in life. Because you don’t want to feel guilty, and you want to make other people happy you say “yes” to the things you don’t want to and “no” to your dreams. It’s that simple. You lose focus and it drains you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

So instead of trying to make others happy, speak your heart. To live a life that’s true to yourself, you need to live your values and follow your dreams even when your choices don’t synch with others.

Question for you is, what do you value most in life? What are you dreams? More importantly are you living your values and following your dreams?

Don’t like change

Changing something even when it’s the right thing to do is hard. Why? Because that’s our nature, human nature. We like keeping the things same…we stay with same jobs, identity, relationships and way of life. The way the world is changing, if you don’t adapt you will stay stuck in your old ways.

So stay open to the change and follow the final words of Steve Job’s 2005 Stanford commencement speech, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

So go out try things, break things, learn things,  and be a Success.

Focus on things they can’t control

The only person that can make you feel good or bad is YOU. It doesn’t mean that others don’t or won’t make mistakes, but you are 100% responsible for your life and your response. When you blame others and focus on things that you can’t control, you become a victim. You give your power away, instead, focus on your response and the things that you CAN control.

Whenever you notice that you are focusing on other’s choices and worrying about things that you can’t control, snap out of that state. And remember when you point a figure at others, you are pointing three at yourself. Try it!

When you start working on the habits or routines that don’t support you, be patient and give yourself time to make the necessary changes. One step, one moment, one day at a time create opportunities to create and live a life of your dreams.


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Love Life and Yourself!

I Am,

Amit Dhull

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