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There was a time period of golden Atlantis on earth, when almost everyone had spiritual powers and psychic gifts. At that time, spiritual energy on earth was the highest it has ever been. That was a time period of heaven on earth. Many energies like reiki, gem rays, violet flame, and many more were common for everyone. With the fall of Atlantis these energies were drawn back to heaven. Since past 200 years these energies are again showing their presence. Now again we have the opportunity to bring the energy of pure Atlantis back.
2012 is a prophesied period of great change. The Aztec and Mayan calendars stopped at this time for their wise ones couldn’t see beyond that date which was considered a time of the unknown. According to Hindu’s, that year marks the pause between the in breath and out breath of Brahma when time stands still for a moment, allowing extra ordinary things to happen.
Situation on earth is like see-saw, balanced with positive and negative at opposite side. We should add more and more focus to the positive end, by healing our souls and our planet, so that the planet will swing to the side of light, love, and harmony. Each of us can and must do something about this while we have the opportunity to raise the vibrations of earth. This will contribute towards the positive outcome in 2012.
We are living in the most important time of opportunity.Until now, there has never been a period in the history of the planet, when our soul has had this chance of enlightenment and ascension. This is the time period when we can bring back the energies and magic of the most spiritual time: the Golden Age of Atlantis. This is the time period of celebration, thanks giving and action.

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