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15 compelling Reasons Why You Must Pay Attention to Money and Wealth Creation (Reading Time- 2 Minutes) By Suresh Padmanabhan- Author & Founder of Money Workshop

15 compelling Reasons Why You Must Pay Attention to Money and Wealth Creation (Reading Time- 2 Minutes)

By Suresh Padmanabhan- Author & Founder of Money Workshop

15. Money is vital to life. As vital as the air we breathe. Real Money is the Fuel for Modern Life. Every aspect of your life is somehow connected to Money.

14. Money is going to be a part of your life till the very end. So why not learn to handle money wisely right from Now.

13.  Money is a tough subject. Not taught in School or College. Start to Attract Money, Learn to Conserve it and Maximize it. You should genuinely have a Burning Desire to be Truly Financially Free at the earliest.

12. As you are reading this, look into your life and you will realize that you may be facing challenging money situations now or that money is not enough to match your life style and you want to move to your next level at the earliest

11. The first part of the journey is Understanding Money and getting it right in real life. The second part of the Money Journey is Wealth Creation which gives you True Financial Freedom and The Third Part is Abundance & Prosperity which gives you self actualization. Each part of the journey needs great skills and understanding.

10. Being Distracted. Pushing Money Issues under the Carpet are the Easiest Things to Do. Escapism of Not Wanting to Confront Money is the Greatest Danger. Understand and Handle Money at the Earliest is for your own benefit.

9. A camera, car, or even a paint and brush are all tools. The tools themselves are not as powerful as the person using it. In the right hands the tools start giving shape to wonder, grace and a wow effect.

8. The best photographs are from not so expensive cameras, a great driver can drive any car in style. The Person handling the tool is important. Similar is with the tool called Money. Learn the art and science of handling money with Elegance and Authority.

7. Money Life can be a trial and error. Most learning’s are a trial and error. Errors are costly. You have to pay for the Errors. You have always Paid for it.

6. Don’t play with Money or your Life. It is expensive. Move towards Tried and Tested Methods.

5. If you invested One Lakh of Rupees only once when you are age 40 for retirement at age 60 compounded to 20% (really achievable), you will get roughly 48 Lakhs at age 60.

Whilst your friend started at age 20, everything being same as the above, he will get Rs 24 crores. See the huge difference in Reality. This is just one example from Real Life. Mind-blowing? Start Early.

4. If your Money is in Fixed Deposits, Savings Account, Insurance, Post Office then you already have lost the game of Money. One needs to understand taxation, legal aspects of money, mastery over numbers, power of compounding, money as a behavior, money as energy, money as a vibration, money as a thought process, money as a system, money and its psychological impact, money and its mystery, money and its secrets, money as money, life beyond money and a number of aspects to Money.  

3. Is Understanding Money Easy? No. So far you have been brain washed against Money by the Whole World. You need lots of Energy and Support to Break Free of the limitations imposed on you without which the Journey does not even begin

2. Good News is Money is a Skill that can be Learnt like any other skill .

1. Money is a beautiful energy. When you are ready and available Money comes to your life. Welcome it with open arms.

PS- Whenever there is an image or post that falls into your line of vision, it is specifically to take you to the next level. You must take a call of action.

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