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The NewAge Foundation's Blog – July 2011 Archive (2)

CHRISTIANITY AND CHRIST should never be confused

Question - A single session of your dynamic meditation has left within me a greater bliss and sense of being than twenty years of having had to listen to the stories of the New Testament and to pray to an almighty and distant god who stayed an unexperienceable godot to me. Is it possible that the teachings of Jesus just might not be helpful to all seekers -- yes, might even be poisonous to them, or to…


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Osho on Disciple Receptivity


Osho - Some introductory points: First, the world of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is not intellectual, it is not philosophical. Doctrine is meaningless to it. It is concerned with method, with technique – not with principles at all. The word ‘tantra’ means technique, the method, the path. So…


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