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Swati rao shiv's Blog – March 2013 Archive (6)

Upholding public opinion vs discovering happiness

Public opinion has a significant impact oh how we base our decisions, especially if we live in a society like India.

India is known for its family tradition, conservatism, joint families, rituals, geeks and illiteracy.We needed to regenerate the self esteem of Indian culture during the freedom movement to evoke people to rebel .
However, everything that is fair during love and war may not remain as fair after the war is…

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Sex is an integral part of human existence. Though, it is considered a sin by several religions and it is prohibited to talk about sex openly, it is also recognized as the only tool of continuing progeny and an expression…


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LOVE LAKSHMI as a goddess of accentuating happiness

in today’s world , everything is blamed on money,

If Money was alive Lakshmi, she would feel ostracized publicly,

money is only a tool of multiplying the soul’s creativity,

it is a neutral energy which does not distinguish good or ugly,

if we have peace within us, money multiplies r positive energy,

if we have sadness within us, money…

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How to interpret messages from religious books and scriptures

There is a forever war between people of different religions because people understand religion by name, not by its ideology. If we do not go into the textual details , the different use of language or words , it can be easily observed that all religions speak the same thoughts. They uphold the same…

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INDIGO and CRYSTAL are names given to people on Earth who are aliens in human bodies. Indigos are warriors of light. They spread awareness through destroying old ways of being.

Crystals are messengers of Light. They come after Indigos to spread peace.

These people come from advanced civilizations and help Earth during phases of transformation. The reason being that all matter in the universe is connected . Hence, turmoil on one…

Added by swati rao shiv on March 19, 2013 at 8:32pm — No Comments

Visiting heaven while alive - STEPS OF VISUALIZATON

We all have some clue that there is an after life. Concepts of heaven and hell intrigue us. there is general consensus that a haven is a place of being happy in after life ; while hell is a place when you are always burning in misery.

However, while we accept these truths , we also need to be aware that the soul is an energy. Our body is like a house where the soul lives on Earth. The after life exists at a soul level i.e at an energy…

Added by swati rao shiv on March 18, 2013 at 10:05pm — 4 Comments

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