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Ritambhara Nand's Blog (12)

How To Help Others Express Their Feelings?

Now is the Time to express ! 

This is one of the first sentences while I begin my Sessions ! …


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The Search for Something New!

Do You Ever Realize that you are Searching for Something all the time?

Either we are searching for Answers or Options or Opportunities. 

But we are Searching for Something all the Time! 

And this very 'Search' brings New Chapters of our Life! 

For example, you go to office, enjoy doing your work, chill out with friends…


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What is New Today?

Begin Your day with a Smile ! 

It is New Beginning. 

There are New Perspectives that you can Explore. …


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Hold The Space for Someone!

Have you ever tried to genuinely help anyone?
Maybe you did hundred times. 
What did you feel at that…

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The Shadow That Stops You From Doing Anything In Life?

Have You Ever Come Across a Situation where you wanted Something and

What happened was Completely Opposite of It?…


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The Biggest Secret of Money - That Brings You The Greatest Joy in Life!

I Like to Keep It Simple. I like to Keep it Straight. And I Live a Life that is Grand and Yet Grounded.

~ Suresh Padmanabhan, Author of International Best Seller 'I Love Money', Mentor, Life Designer, Founder of 'The Money Workshop'. He has Coached over Million People in Last 18 Years on Areas of Money, Relationship and Spirituality.

When Life is already Complicated, why are We Complicating it further?…


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Making this Moment 'Extraordinary' -

Life brings us many opportunities but only a few amongst them will add real value to our Lives.

It is on You to Choose Wisely.

Take the Path that will help you make this Life 'Extraordinary' and 'Expansive'.

One such path is 'World of Tarot Cards'.

Let me share One of the Most Powerful Reasons for Using This Mystical Tool called TAROT CARD READING.

'Deep Within Your Soul is a DOOR that opens into a World of Wonder. Open the Door and Let the… Continue

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How To Find Your Path When Life Suddenly Changes?

We have all seen Life Moving Dynamically from A to B.

We have all seen Sudden, Abrupt Changes happening in Life. 

And WE are left Puzzled and Confused. …


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How To Speed Up My Success?

Do You Want a Rocket-like Speed to all Things in your Life?

When Things Happen Sooner Than Planned for or Anticipated.... and it is for your best!

Something Important Will Swiftly Enter Your Life - in Unexpected Ways and you will have a SOARING…


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Re-Uniting the Lovers - Ritambhara

Hello Beautiful Lovers, 

LOVE has been the real essence of Life. So when two different people come together, they Relate, Communicate, and yet remain 'Themselves'.

Can You Feel The Beauty That Lies in such a Love Relationship?…


Added by Ritambhara Nand on July 12, 2016 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Tarot Card Reading for Feeling Charged Up - Ritambhara

Hello Beautiful People,

We all Desire to Begin our day with Full Power, Energy and Enthusiasm. We have big plans, big ideas, new insights and most of all, we carry a dream to…


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World of Images and Synchronicity - Ritambhara Nand

Hello Beautiful People,

Welcome to the 'World of Images and Synchronicity'. 

Let me begin by sharing a small story that each one of you can relate to - 

"This is a Story of a person who is going…


Added by Ritambhara Nand on July 5, 2016 at 1:30pm — No Comments

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