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Peeyush Prabhat's Blog (4)

Subconscious reveals the mechanics of manifestation

Human beings are the most developed race of the Animal kingdom. This superiority, on the large extent can be credited to their amazing MIND, which holds the power of FOCUS and Attention. In fact it is the most incredible and miraculous  power of the Universe. You must have heard " wherever the attention goes , the energy flows". Buddha quoted it as " You are nothing but your…


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Why should you programme the subconscious mind?

Friends we all know that our subconscious mind holds 95% of power. we create the experiences of our life based on the imprints our subconscious holds. so whether we are rich or poor, healthy or ill, successful or failure ; this all depends on the programmes embedded on it. We all  hold the desires and wishes to become the best in every field, we are also taking many resolutions, reading self help books, but sooner or later all the modalities fail and we find ourselves in the sea of confusion…


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The hidden Treasure of subconscious mind

You must have heard the story of Aladdin and the genie. Wouldn't have it been nice, If we were also provided with a genie, who could fulfil every wish we make???

The genie is your subconscious mind and Aladdin is ''you" or the "conscious mind". Whatever order you give to subconscious, it has got the power to make it into a reality. But then why only few peoples are prosperous whereas rest others are experiencing lack, shortage or troubles? It's because we don't know, how to…


Added by peeyush Prabhat on February 23, 2017 at 9:25pm — No Comments

Your Mind is the secret of abundance

Friends this is a vibration based universe. "YES" is the mantra existence ever chants. So god always says yes to all our demands and wishes, but its we and only we who keep on pushing abundance apart. Human mind by default can just create a shield to repel the universal blessings. Hence we must learn to master our subconscious. Once the mind is…


Added by peeyush Prabhat on February 16, 2017 at 9:30pm — No Comments

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