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Dr Sandeep's Blog (11)

Dying to be me


I recently came across a wonderful Near Death Experience of Anita Mooljani which changed her  entire outlook to life.

 The memoir of Anita goes like this- Anita  a Hong Kong based Indian and had Hodg Kin Lymphoma . This cancer metastasized to whole body and became grade 4  Lymphoma . On 2nd February 2006 she feel into deep coma.…


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Tips For Activating Astral Body


 Astra projection needs few prerequisites so that astral body can separate from Physical Body

  • Deep Physical Relaxation
  • Body asleep and mind awake state,
  • Astral Body activation
  • Exit Techniques

Today I will share with you techniques of Astral Body Activation. These techniques were shared by Michele Maduga .

He calls Astral body experience The Phase. His method of Astral body separation is by…


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Advantages of Astral Projection - Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

  Many friends have asked me what are advantages of Astral projection.  I will like to share with you my understanding about this topic

  • Astral projection gives you first hand experience that  we are much more than this physical body. Once you have an experience of being in Astral body and separating from Physical body you can understand that we can continue to…

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Do we have Taste for food after we Die ?


Once before Astral Projection I had a strange thought ' Do We have Taste after we Die' 

I dismissed this thought and proceeded with my practice of astral  projection.   I was in deep trance and started having signs of Astral Activation. Normally this is Buzzing sensation in body .…


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My Astral Lessons

  Today morning I woke up at  4 a.m and decided to start my Astral Projection Practice. I took my laptop and went to my basement. Early morning is best for these practices  and in my experience my maximum out of body experiences have been when I started my practice at 3- 4 a.m in morning. I call it Golden Period for practice of Astral Projection. I selected my special recorded…


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How to manifest money or anything you want.


 Dear Friends I am going to share with you some deep mysteries of manifesting money or anything that you want. I have been studying and practicing Law of Attraction for last few years. I will share with you some insights which I developed in my course.I have been using information from Book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill , and using other…


Added by Dr Sandeep on February 12, 2015 at 3:42pm — 2 Comments

Magick of Findhorn


Do you believe in Miracles?

 May be , they exist, I am going to share with you one real story of miracles manifesting.

 In early 1963 Three friends Peter…


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Effortless Awareness Meditation

meditation.xspf.docx ;I was meeting my friend  Monica. She was sharing the toll life had taken on her.

'Phoo ! I am stressed. My relationships are in turmoil and all my plans to purchase my new house are gone for…


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Law of attraction - Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Do you believe in Law Of attraction ? I asked  my Friend Dr. B

No, I don't  believe in Law of Attraction.  I live  and breath  by  Law of attraction." Dr. B replied. 

What do you mean, Can you clarify? I asked him inquisitively 

"Let me tell you my story " Dr. B replied.

 I had known Dr. B as my colleague  for many years. He was into…


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Blessings of Death

   It was 30th December night  and I was in a marriage function. I got a call from Chennai that my brother , who had been waiting for liver transplantation has got a cadveric Donor i.e some one who has died in accident or sudden death is donating liver. I booked my urgent flight and next day I was in Chennai. Surgery lasted for 15 hours and luckily he did very well. I met him after 15 hours ordeal and  he was smiling very confidantly. Next day  I went to see him and he was sitting and very…


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My First Out Of Body Experiences

I am an explorer in the field of Spirituality. I have been meditating and doing various self growth programmes for past few years. I got interested in  Astral Projection 1 year back. It started me on quest for right method on Astral Projection. I started studying all that I could get on this subject and found that some basic principles are important in success…


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