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Maa amrit leela's Blog (16)

Harmony is the secret.silence is the key to experience..

  • Silence is the key to experience ...

    Openings- The first experience of a deep meditator is that of dhavani or gungar- humming... Sound n light travels fast. He will then experience all the sense organs: ears,eyes,nose,tongue and skin. This is the stage when one becomes extra sensetive,,repulsive to non-veg,,

    ..cant gossip,,cant indulge too much socially..Can hear the sound of Om and become aware of the third eye. ...Its the time when all our sense organs gets…

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What will people say

When you die, it doesn't matter how many people cry or how many people show up to offer their condolences. Nothing matters anymore. Because you are gone. All our lives we live according to the societal norms and condition ourselves into factoring in what people will think before we act or even think. Our opinions are shaped according to what is expected of us and not what we really think and believe. And all that is gone as soon as we are. Nobody's opinions about us matter then. So instead of… Continue

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Awarenes the miracle

There is a body, a subtle mind and a soul. The body is mortal. The subtle mind is undead and goes through rebirth. Soul is the manifestation of god, a form of god. Ignorance causes the soul to be superimposed or overshadowed by the subtle mind and be stuck in a life and death limbo, a cylce of life and death. The cycle of life and death is as following : ignorance or avidya > impression or sanskar > embryo or vigyana > mind and body complex or naam roop > sense organs or sada yadana… Continue

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As i look up towards the sky,all i see is the sun about to say good bye ;the wind is gentle ,the sea is calm,when babies hear lullabies;;the world is quite,as quite as it can be,the only voice i can hear is within,my soul guiding the morning rises,the sand shimmers .....the same sand in the day was dull and without glimmers.This is life full of surprises,with time ,this is what we all will realize.

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Sun-sun is the source of life force energy ;;it is the symbol of male energy ,hot ,energetic n strong ;;just by imagining its golden light a human can feel charged;; feel the golden light on your third eye ;;;;;      Moon-moon is the symbol of female energy ;calm n relaxed ;getting ready again for another charged day ,feel the silver or white energy surrounding your body ;;;;;;;Trees -this source of energy makes us feel the importance of love n growth;;;Flowers -charge our love force firstly…


Added by maa amrit leela on February 12, 2012 at 11:16pm — 1 Comment


Red- strength,energy,fire ,the sun ,passion,sexuality,masculine n active principle

Pink-love,perfection ,strength,passion n love


Yellow-digestive system

Green-nature,abundance ,spring

Blue-conviencing power,ability to express ,water ,cool ,depth



Black - void,death,time ,night ,cold,yin

Grey -clouds,change ,neutrel,between dark n… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on May 17, 2011 at 9:03pm — No Comments

traditions ;;;become elders urself;;;

our elders did so n so which we still go on following without thinking either its wrong or right;God bless them, they set those traditions correct according to their time period n life style ;its we who should be the elders of our children;;;;;;;dont let them follow blindly but amend those old sayings nn give them the logic for that change plus train them also to make a point n be clear that these are traditional rules which when they grow up ,with there own experiences… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on February 19, 2011 at 8:27pm — No Comments

except awareness everything is MAYA;;

lord shiva said that a thousand years ago;maya means illusion ;jo dikhta to hai ke hai par hota nahi;matter is actually energy ;energy moving so fast that it gives us an illusion of matter;maya is just like the dreamworld .in my master oshos words -The mind knows only the dream ,the illusion.A life lived through the mind is a life of dreams .Thats the meaning of the concept of maya ,says osho.this mind can never be stable all the effiots r impossible till theres a mind drop the whole mind ,let… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on November 23, 2010 at 12:37pm — 2 Comments

how to handle problems when its ur turn;

the easiest thing in this life is to ADVICE;;;;advicing others is so easy that people dont even wait to be asked ;show them theres a problem n we can hear so many suggestions n advices.A strong person generally dont discuss his /her problem.A person with senses know what to do when its their turn, one itself can solve his problem with a calm head;never get dishearted,angry or curious;;;;always remember every problem has a solution.stay calm n hear ur inner voice it will definately guide u…


Added by maa amrit leela on November 10, 2010 at 8:04pm — 1 Comment

what is love?

love they say is freedom but when ever a human has to express love its always bondage why?we love our partner we want them to be loyal too,we love our kids we want them to be obedient,we love our elders we dont want to part with them why?????love does ;nt requires any reciprocl;;;;that old saying said is 100%true if u love someone set them free if theres true love it will definately come back n if doesnt then it was never urs ;;;;love is either there or niether there;agar hai to sab ke liye hai… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on October 7, 2010 at 11:48pm — 3 Comments


WHAT IS MEDITATION?people take this small little word as such a great pressure ,they r actually not ready to stop n watch themselves;they r really happy with there running mode ,were theres no time to wait n watch ;MEDITATION is nothing but RELAXING ;dear frnds it is so powerfull that a person whos meditating can really concentrate on whats ever he/she is doing ;it helps us to concentrate properly in the right direction .only a relaxed mind can feel the diffrence between right n wrong… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on September 29, 2010 at 8:10am — No Comments


twin souls is the best experience one can have on this earth ;they grow gradually ;work of one helps the other ,n most importantly if thats a couple then thats the greatest partnership in which one has to invest but both gets the profits;one worhips but both r blessed;;;;;friends ,would love to know more experiences-_pls COMMENT;;;GOD BLESS;;;;

Added by maa amrit leela on September 23, 2010 at 6:02pm — No Comments


really want everyone to explore seek n experience his /her world ,feel empowered n spend more time with ur self.really want everybody to be strong n ride higher in what ever journey we undertake.everybody live their dreams;;;;;;few lines just splased ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;LIFE LIFE LIFE ;;;;how should i live a life ,live a life as if it is my last life ;EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE;;;;;;inside outside everyside ;EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE;;;;;;;really want to go through every… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on September 8, 2010 at 7:38pm — No Comments

destiny n possibbilites

i believe destiny is in ones own hands ;;;;man has the power to change its destiny;hatho ke chand lakiro se hum apni taqdeer ka phesala nahi kar sakte ;;;yeh lakeerein to har saal do saal mein badalti rehti hain;our karma r the most imp.factor of our success;destiny just adds a little speed to them ;has anyone ever passed without studying ;that can be possible that he studied 40%but passed out with50-60%thats were destiny helps;pls n pls karm apne karm purei sachai n mehnat ke sath karte jayen… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on August 19, 2010 at 7:25pm — 1 Comment

jo boya so paya

hye frnds just wanted to share few thoughts .in this vast n vitious circle of life we get what we want '';;;this is we our inner councious which knows very well that what really have we demanded n if demanded how much have we worked to get that ;thats the same as in school jitna parenge vesa he result aayega,give ur 100%n then leave it on existence jab bhee kisi cheese ko aap ne dil se chaaha hai to really the whole existence help u to get it ;;;;;;;be true with ur self n a little awared with… Continue

Added by maa amrit leela on August 14, 2010 at 11:56pm — 2 Comments


hye frnds ,i am not a writter but i would like to share some thoughts of mine with all of u;to me freedom is to fly ,flying doesnt means to fly so high n get lost but to fly n explore ur inner world;if a small bird without knowing its capacity flies hard higher he'll definetly get hurt n tierd ;one should know ones capacity only then a person has freedom to fly ;otherwise we will get hurt or one should be ready for the wounds n not blame the world to be so rude ;utni he uran bharni chaiye jaha… Continue

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