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Gita Jayakumar's Blog (7)

Understanding ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics) - Gita Jaykumar

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that illness is annoying – and it can be difficult to run the show in life when you fall sick. What if, instead of having to run to the doctor or pop a pill, or even lose your strength and get upset, you could address illness yourself? What if you yourself had the tools to get better, and that you could actually use them to feel better?…


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Testimonials For Therapist & Healer Gita Jayakumar

Julie Buhite, USA.

Through working with Gita I have been able to accomplish what years of cognitive therapy did not arrive at. Like so many others, I suffered from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas. As the years went by, instead of my resolving the issues, they stubbornly remained embedded as more and more difficult experiences and memories accumulated inside of me. Then Gita came along and guided me rapidly through memories, sensations, thoughts and emotions using special…


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Disease is a logical and meaningful process

ACE suggests that it is not only a mind and body connection that explains why we fall sick. In reality, it is a very precise and detail driven connection between organ, mind, brain and social elements. It is clear that each part of our brain corresponds to one specific organ, and one specific conflict or trauma, and an environmental-social experience. So, accordingly, if we experience what is called a conflict shock, or an event that is unexpected,…


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How does ACE work?

Here is a simple infographic that can help you understand how ACE works.

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How can ACE Help You?

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Why do you fall sick?

As a therapist, one of the most common things I have encountered is that my patients almost always say the same thing. Perhaps the issues vary, the contexts may be different, the relationships or people concerned may be different – but the substance remains the same: Everything was actually…


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Why does Self-Awareness matter? - Gita Jayakumar

If I ask you who you are, what will you say? Will you tell me what your job is, what your interests are, whose son or daughter you are, and where you are from? Well, that’s only one part of who you are. The real story, is who you are within. It is the comprehensive unit that you comprise, along with your needs, desires, failings and habits.…


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