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Nivedita Mishra's Blog (4)

Lessons from Domestic Help

Lessons from Domestic help

It would be too didactic and pretentious for me to say that  only my parents are my greatest teachers – It was true when I was young but since I’m cast in the mould of learning something new everyday, I learn  on  a daily basis from my maids.

Many women I’m sure would agree with me that their maids are both their constant allies and best friends, and the source of their greatest fear- what if they leave?

Whether or not many would admit,…


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Razor's edge- Worklife balance

Razors edge – Worklife balance

I often tell myself that anything, just about anything can give one the opportunity to wake up and really have a spiritual experience, or should I say a higher perspective on whatever the current life situation is that one is facing.

It is also the delusory human nature to think that that when a particular goal is achieved , one will be satisfied .

The masters of Advaita Vedanta and non-dual awareness in Vajrayana Buddhism…


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God and Self

 1.God and Self

It’s strange how living in a world where everyone is ostensibly ‘connected’, how we are so disconnected with everything around us, especially ourselves. Very few of us have the courage to acknowledge the need we feel to connect with others.

Often I ask myself- who is responsible for this feeling of disconnect- the Creator who has made me (or so I would like to believe) , my karma or the fruits of former actions, or just random impulses- fleeting ,passing…


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Looking Within

Life is not easy for the best of us. The adage ‘ignorance is bliss’ is lived out pretty much consistently until one day for some the eternal question hits you –

What do I do with my life?…


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