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Shiva's Abode's Blog (6)

Leap of faith

Shiva's Abode takes a "leap of faith" with an intention to reach out to as many souls as possible.

We are haapy to announce that all services at Shiva's Abode henceforth are offred on "contribution" basis only.

Shiva's abode now operates as a "TEMPLE" and has evolved from being "Shiva's Abode...House of transformation" to becoming "Shiva's Abode...Temple of Transformation".

We at Shiva's Abode were always uncomfortable about putting a price tag to our services since what…


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Recently, I was watching a film in which I heard that the purpose of the Universe is to expand. The statement caught my attention since we also know scientifically that the Universe is constantly expanding.

I am convinced (from personal experience) that as long as the purpose that I am pursuing is in line with the higher purpose, life is magical. So if the purpose of the Universe is to expand and I am a part of that same Universe, I am home as long as my purpose is aligned with… Continue

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Become a Soma Healer

Healing is a restorative process that re-kindles the essence of the Divine in every aspect thus liberating us from the suffering caused by painful experiences of life on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual plane of existence.

What is Soma Healing?

Soma means healing nectar. This healing nectar is generated in one of the energy centers of the Chakra system…


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Mumbai Peace March

On the 3rd Day of December 2008, Mumbaikars arranged a Peace March at the Gateway of India.

I was part of the Peace March.

I wanted to be a part of the epitome of Oneness…Oneness that we are all a part of this infinite Universe…a Universe that we all manifest.


In the middle of the huge crowd, I felt one.

The crowd, the people, the voices, the slogans all of them became part of me and were in me.

I could hear every slogan.

I could feel every…


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Testimonials and Experiences with Tandav @ Shiva's Abode

I have been a practicing regression therapist and healer for many years now. I had been trying to achieve the gift of "Clairvoyance" (the ability to see using sixth sense|) for a long time. While going through the transformational journey with Tandav at Shiva's Abode, I got in touch with the Shiva form in a vision and since then I have been seeing the image of Shiva very often. I now use this energy for guidance.

Thank You Shiva's Abode.

                                   -- Zarin…


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To "Just be" with the "I am" consciousness

In an Indian movie there is a quote..

"It is so simple to be happy but so diifcult to be simple."

Bawarchi -1972

I ask..

"Are we supposed to be simple or are we simple beings.What is it to just simply be?"

To "Just be" with the "I am" consciousness…


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