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Ritu Bahri 's Blog (15)

Our Truth... LOVE

The purpose of each ones life is SELF REALIZATION.. ONENESS WITH UNIVERSE... THE BLISS OF SUPREME CONNECTION..well each soul has his or her karmic imprints according to which physical life plan unfolds for us...the trials, the joys, the turbulence, the smooth sailing, the rain , the sunshine are just A PART OF THE BIGGER PURPOSE OF SELF REALIZATION... some come and go,some stay, some love, some hate , are only SUPERFICIAL FEELINGS.. the TRUTH IS JUST LOVE... Now to reach this ZERO...…


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Heal your inner child by OPENING YOUR HEART CHAKRA


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HIGHER CONCIOUSNESS  is the innermost, deep , core of our BEING i.e  SOUL. WHAT IS SOUL???    Well the purest, divine ENERGY AND FREQUENCY is  SOUL,  AATMA"".When a soul takes a physical form in form of human being is resonating at the highest frequency and vibration of that  what we call GOD''.Once the human mind interferes  with this energy and vibrations, our life results in sufferings,…

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Everything is OK No Matter what HAPPENS-----    …

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Come ALIVE!!

A Heart full of loving intentions, your own Feet well grounded trusting the Mother Earth,with fire in the belly to purify our senses and DIVINE CONNECTION is all that Required to be ALIVE!!!

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Welcome New Energies - Ritu Bahri

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE ~ Ego Death - Extreme Polarities coming into balance ~ Heart Truth Syrum

MOON enters Taurus this morning at 7:23 am, pdt, after its burst through the wild fire of Aries. Grounding in…


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The SOURCE' is the Healer'

I feel it is never Ethical to say 'I HEALED THIS PERSON" The only person who can heal someone is THEMSELF" Healing can only happen in our own body .A healer's role is simply to channel the energy, which the receiver can use in any way that is the best for their needs. I Fully beleive healing to be three way agreement,between the healer,the receiver, and the goddess/Source.A Healer also does not do a healing to someone, but only with them. Without the Receivers agreement and…


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Activate your Third eye'..The Intuition Centre'

Be perfectly honest without yourself right now…. Could your intuition use a little jumpstart?

Even if you’re committed to living an intuitive life, sometimes your intuition isn’t quite as vivid as it could be. It leaves you feeling directionless or…


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Universe law of Attraction - Ritu Bahri

When you understand the Law of Attraction, you will understand you cannot avoid contrasting, or unwanted, situations. In fact, you will learn to welcome them, as strange that might seem at first.

Your appreciation of…


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Opening of Crown Chakra

"Love does not need an intention or object to love.

It is the highest expression of the being in recognition of itself. It is the unity of Being.

Your being just radiates this love - effortlessly.

You are just your Self.

It is a state of emptiness.

It is there when you leave your luggage outside.

Luggage means who you think you are and

who you want to be.

Then it simply awakens in you because there is a space now for the…


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Where are you giving your powers away???

The Personal power chakra allows you to access your own life force. many people subconsciously give their power away and live life in an effort to PLEASE PEOPLE in this way they lose their chance to live a full abundant life.. THE NEW CHAKRA POWER SHOWS US HOW TO RECLAIM YOUR POWER and how to use it to make a difference in the world.Wear the colour yellow often to stay intact in your  PERSONAL POWERS

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Water element of the navel or sacral Chakra

Life began in water. When the water elements of life are not in balance and harmony ,life itself become threatened and natural abundance cannot find appropriate ways to assert it self.The water element also symbolizes purification.Thus the Navel Chakra controls feelings, particularly sexual feelings and feelings in relationships.When feelings are blocked, we lose our natural flow of creativity.

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Root chakra blockages

ALL abundance issues are particularly in ROOT CHAKRA .. COZ THIS THE ENERGY CENTER where spirit meets matter.. when the base malfunctions, everything malfunctions,as ABUNDANCE cannot unfold the support.We can turn the situation around by simply allowing our TRUE thoughts and emotions to surface by directing ALL our attention on them .By allowing what we feel , we no longer deny the tremendous resistance we have against abundance. Through our acknowledgment of these…


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