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Master Facilitator
Tips For Activating Astral Body


 Astra projection needs few prerequisites so that astral body can separate from Physical Body

  • Deep Physical Relaxation
  • Body asleep and mind awake state,
  • Astral Body activation
  • Exit Techniques

Today I will share with you techniques of Astral Body Activation. These techniques were shared by Michele Maduga .

He calls Astral body experience The Phase. His method of Astral body separation is by…


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Master Facilitator
Do we have Taste for food after we Die ?


Once before Astral Projection I had a strange thought ' Do We have Taste after we Die' 

I dismissed this thought and proceeded with my practice of astral  projection.   I was in deep trance and started having…


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Recently, I was watching a film in which I heard that the purpose of the Universe is to expand. The statement caught my attention since we also know scientifically that the Universe is constantly expanding.

I am convinced (from personal experience) that as long as the purpose that I am pursuing is in line with the higher purpose, life is magical. So if the purpose of the Universe is to expand and I am a part of that same Universe, I am home as long as my purpose is aligned with… Continue

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Master Facilitator
Nirvana Shatakam of Adi Shankara - The Song of Self-Realization

Sri Adi Shankara(788 – 820 CE), the great mystic saint of India was wandering in search of a Guru, a True Master who has embodied the truth and reached Self-realization. At that time, he met Sri Govindapada, who asked him: “Who are you?”.



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Master Facilitator

Do not merely think that you are going to become great; think that you are great NOW. Do not think that you will begin to act in a great way at some future time; begin NOW. Do not think that you will act in a great way when you reach a different environment; act in a great way where you are NOW. Do not think that you will act in a great way when you begin to deal with great things; begin to deal in a great way with small things NOW. Do not think that you will begin to be great when you get… Continue

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