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Master Facilitator

We all talk about Life, Happiness, Peace, Consciousness, Balance... and much more... 

And we keep exploring numerous meditation techniques/books in order to keep up with the Hassles of Daily Life!

In all this, we almost forget one Basic Fundamental Aspect of Life.....…


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Master Facilitator

Who are you ? A Sikh? A Hindu? A Christian ? An Indian? An American? Or a being of light and love ? What's your path ? Where are you headed? Are your current actions aligned well with the destination you choose ? Do you feel stuck currently in your acquired identity?…


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Master Facilitator
Have you ever wanted to be a Healer or a Wellness Coach?

I have always wanted to be a healer and help myself and others around me. I began looking for newer and more effective methods of healing, with the least amount of effort required.

One of the easiest methods of healing I…


Added by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri(PhD) on November 20, 2016 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Master Facilitator
Is There A Need To Panic for Money?

Lately, with the current financial transformation in the country there has been a sense of panic among many regarding money which gives rise to many questions.…


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Master Facilitator
Flow MORE To Live MORE!

Ever wonder what keeps water fresh? It is…The FLOW!

Till the water keeps flowing, it is Life, it is Pure, it is Safe, it is Harmony, it is Joy, it is Playfulness holding the beautiful essence of divine qualities. But what happens when the water stops flowing? It becomes stagnant,…


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Master Facilitator
If You Could Only “SEE” What I “SEE” Now!

If I ask you, see my hands or face or eyes? You can do that easily..yes?

But if I ask you to see ME, what are you going to look at?…Think…Are you going to look at my eyes? My nose? My mouth? My head? Which part?? WHERE AM “I”?

What you see is your own perception of me but the TRUTH is you can NOT see me. You…


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When you are in need of a good night’s sleep but feel you have a problem or a specific issue weighing on your mind, racing around in thought circles through your head over and over , don’t just lie awake all night pondering a solution to the issue!

With the help of Reiki , one can easily calm the overactive mind and get a very good night’s sleep, not only this ,…


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Master Facilitator
What to Look For In a Clairvoyant

What to Look For In a Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance or clairvoyant readings are an alleged activity of perceiving the future or events beyond the normal reach of a human’s sensory nerve. Some people might say that clairvoyance is a gift; some might say it is a curse. Whatever side…


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The Planet Needs Healers!

The planet needs more and more  Healers, Care takers, seekers of love and light and there is absolutely no room for those who hold the sword to cripple the meek, the less privileged.

Man is busy destroying the other whether in a family or society or nation but he must not forget that his own sword and dirt in mind is wiping him out . Death of such a man is…


Added by SUSAN CHOPRA on September 27, 2016 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Master Facilitator
ENERGY - That Impacts Your Life Deeply

So what exactly are we referring to - when we say ENERGY!

Let me use the most common term here, 



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What will people say

When you die, it doesn't matter how many people cry or how many people show up to offer their condolences. Nothing matters anymore. Because you are gone. All our lives we live according to the societal norms and condition ourselves into factoring in what people will think before we act or even think. Our opinions are shaped according to what is expected of us and not what we really think and believe. And all that is gone as soon as we are. Nobody's opinions about us matter then. So instead of… Continue

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Master Facilitator
Healing Your Existence through your Ancestors- Why?

Harry Sir and I were walking beneath a huge bodhi (peepal) tree dating back hundreds of years in the very midst of hustle and bustle of city…


Added by Harry and Navana on September 10, 2016 at 7:05pm — No Comments

My Experiments with Spirituality

I started writing this book to allow my experience to flow into

a written form as I have been sharing these on many occasions.

On one such occasion a cousin brother of mine suggested

that my experience could be made useful for other seekers if

converted into a written form. Hence this book My Experiments with Spirituality.pdf.…


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Master Facilitator
When I decided to QUIT.....

It was one seemingly ordinary day when I decided to QUIT… All of a sudden I made a decision to quit my job, my relationship and finally my spirituality. I just wanted to quit my life.

But before that, I went to the wood to have one last talk with God.

I started: “God, can you give me one good reason not to…


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Master Facilitator
Making this Moment 'Extraordinary' -

Life brings us many opportunities but only a few amongst them will add real value to our Lives.

It is on You to Choose Wisely.

Take the Path that will help you make this Life 'Extraordinary' and 'Expansive'.

One such path is 'World of Tarot Cards'.

Let me share One of the Most Powerful Reasons for Using This Mystical Tool called TAROT CARD READING.

'Deep Within Your Soul is a DOOR that opens into a World of Wonder. Open the Door and Let the… Continue

Added by Ritambhara Nand Tomar on August 31, 2016 at 12:59pm — No Comments

Master Facilitator
Be all that you can be with EFT!


Our everyday lives are getting busier and more stressful – with external pressures and internal tensions. Work and work-related issues take up so much of our time and mental bandwidth, whether we work in an office or in our homes. Meditation, relaxation and vacations are often our…


Added by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri(PhD) on August 28, 2016 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Master Facilitator
The Journey to heal emotions and physical health


What is the Journey? Used by millions world-wide to heal emotional and physical issues through an inner deep clean that opens a connection with the infinite healing potential.

Since the Journey has been made available in 36 countries around the world it has helped thousands of people worldwide free themselves, for example:

  • Fear, worry, stress and anxiety vanishes
  • Depression clears
  • Low self-esteem and…

Added by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri(PhD) on August 21, 2016 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Open Letter to the PM of India, From a Mother who lives in Constant Fear

Dear PM Sir,

Hope this letter from a random woman in your country brings you face to face with the reality of plight of Indian girls and women. For ‘being aware’ and ‘being in action’ are two different…


Added by Prachi Mendiratta on August 19, 2016 at 4:07pm — No Comments

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