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Philosphy of Horary - Ancient Principles combined with advanced Astronomical Values

The Philosophy and the strength of Horary System used by AngrishAstro:

The philosophy of Horary Astrology is based on the sound principle of unison or synchronization between the universal consciousness and the individual soul.  Each person’s soul is a fragment of the universal consciousness and operates in spaceless and timeless domain but the body of the individual – subtle or gross, operates in space and time domain.  An idea or a thought initiated by soul as per its past, present karmas or future dispositions is expressed at a particular time. At every moment of time, there is a peculiar correspondence between the universal consciousness and the individual soul. This correspondence, in astrology, is reflected by the Degree, Minute and Second rising on the Ascendant and the Moon’s position in the zodiac.  

We are living in the fabric of time-and-space and we are bound to accept that the answers to all our questions are already there in a specific point on the scale-of-time. The answers to our questions are placed somewhere in the circle of 360 Degree of our Zodiac at a specific Degree, specific Minute and Specific Second. Here Minute and Second are units of Space or Distance and not of time. We have only to select that specific Area of Zodiac which has our answer embedded in it. For all astrological purposes, we have divided our Zodiac in 12 Signs and that goes to say that the answer to our question is placed somewhere in the above 12 Signs. The Indian system of astrology further divides Zodiac into 27 parts called Nakshatras.  To be more precise, we further divide our Nakshtra in 9 unequal parts in proportion to the Vimshottari Dasha pattern and get 243 sub-parts. After making the adjustment of Sign and Nakshatra lordship, we get a total of 249 parts called Sub-Nakshatras.  All answers to our questions are embedded  in the space of zodiac anywhere in the above 249 parts; and, our effort is to decipher that specific answer for you.

You can ask any question on horary ranging from  very personal issue of your life to any other aspect thereof,  for example:

  1. Will my love affair continue.
  1. Will I get married with my girl friend/boy friend.
  1. Will I ever go back to my spouse.
  1. Will I get divorce from my spouse.
  1. Does the boy/girl really loves me.
  1. When will I be blessed with a child.
  1. When will my health improve.
  1. Will my surgery be successful.
  1. Will a specific system of treatment be effective for my treatment.
  1. Will my new venture be successful.
  1. Will I get my stolen article back.
  1. What are the future prospects of my business.
  1. Will my term in office be extended.
  1. Will I be promoted in my present office.
  1. When Will I purchase property,
  1. Will there be partition of property through court.
  1. When will I purchase vehicle.
  1. Will the new house we are shifting, be auspicious.
  1. When will I sell my property.
  1. When will my close relative get bail.

The above list is not exhaustive but only illustrative.  You can ask ANY question, we repeat…..any question  affecting your life in any manner !  



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