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In most of the cases, it takes less than a minute to give correct answers to horary questions.

For example :

Question - will my son clear SSB interview of NDA to be held from 1st April, 2011 to 6th April, 2011.

Horary Number Given was 45;

The time of casting the horary chart was 14 hours 46 minutes 57 seconds on 3rd March, 2011.

After casting the chart, 5th house rotation was done since the question related to 1st child.

Period/Sub-period and sub-sub  period was that of Mars/Ketu/Saturn from 21st March to 14th April, 2011.

The co-ordinates were : Mars : 3-5-8/3-4-6-7/1-5-10 Ketu : 1-5-6-9-10-12/3-5-8-/5-11 Sat : 5-6-12/5-11/2-4-9.

The child will be in Bhukti of Venus from 5.5.2011 onwards; Venus indicates 2-4-9/5-12/1-5-6-9-10-12.

The JUDGEMENT NOTED WAS THAT THE CHILD WILL PASS the SSB interview. [Mars-Military and resultant sub-lord coordinates of DBA lords are 1-5-10/5-11/2-4-9 respectively] Subsequent Bhukti of Venus has 9-12s, the child will go away from home i.e. NDA-Khagadwasla for studies in First week of July, 2011.


The RESULT IS THAT THE child has passed the SSB interview and is likely to join NDA-Khagadwasla in last week of June or first week of July, 2011; Opting Indian Navy as first option.




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good prediction.

According to you, horary give better results than natal horoscopy.


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