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Angels always bring you into greater Love and Peace. As you do your part in receiving and accepting their guidance, you will find greater energy flowing and expanding for your Soul's highest purpose!

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they r angels infact because they do all this unconditionally n not expecting in return
they r GOD sent for this purpose only
they r all the time present
only our awakening delays their recognition
Life with angels is beautiful.. before i discovered working with angels, I used to stress about every little thing I came across.. Angels have taught me that there is definitely someone looking after us and we need to be calm, relaxed and joyful to see the divine plan. The fact that they give responses so quickly makes it a joyful experience working with them...
Ever since Micheal came into my life I am so relaxed. I used to worry about my children all the time and could never rest easy until they came home however late at night. But now I just hand over their well being to Micheal and sleep like a baby.


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