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By Nirmal Mozumdar in Mystic Healing Home 

 The following   questions have always haunted me.

1. Why can’t God directly intervene by healing and conveying things to us?

2 Can every body be healed?

3 Why healing is criticized and rejected by skeptics and spiritualist both ?                             

Famous criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani’s view on the presence of God set me thinking. He says, “If at all there is God, he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease .I defend the people whom the press does not like but that is the way I perform my constitutional obligation.”

All this is the glow of some form of spirituality which he himself and some blind journalist may not be able to see. Many other voice the same concern on the human suffering and non intervention of God and take up the cajole in their hands to do their bit but always wonder, what is God doing, is He really there? I have also had my doubts and found my answer?. 


Answer.-Since every thing is energy. As is popularly known, you get back what you put in. Thoughts, desires, awareness. Every thing has different frequencies .Physical body and material things have lower frequencies. Thoughts and desires for these things will also have lower frequencies. As is said in Bhagvad Geeta, ‘What so ever desire is very strong during the life time, becomes predominant at the time of death. And that desire mould the creation of the subtle body of the individual and that determines the future of the individual.’

Explanation- There is hierarchical order in higher dimension as on earth .Higher beings or the Guides whom we may call ministers in the council of God have very high frequencies. The person who is so tied down to the lower material frequencies that he is not even aware and not trying to tune in to those higher energies.  It could be like helicopter searching for some one marooned in the pitch dark forest, some one on foot with some light could only locate him. Higher energies are like ministers doing helicopter survey to pinpoint and then assign rescue work to the on road person with some courage and determination to help the troubled lot. Thus the healer or a medium is a vehicle or a channel for that Higher divine being, who is trying to rescue that lost person from the dark jungle of his ignorance. That is why I have proclaimed my self the representative of God’s company ‘Creation’ in the department of ‘Life’. God and Guides and other spiritual beings are the directors and members of board of management. They are like director of the play behind the screen managing the whole affair. We physical beings are playing our role on the stage. When we are performing they are giving us freedom to deliver provided we keep the theme in tact, but guidance, direction and protection  is always at hand, if the need be or we wish to listen. 

2 Can everybody or any body one wishes to heal be healed?

The same principle works here too. It’s not only the healer on whom the healing depends. Equation is fifty fifty. Healing is dual process ,Healer and the one to be healed. Healing is not only curing ailment from the physical part but understanding the message what that ailment wants to convey. Though fifty percent healing will happen even without the healed being aware of the healing but to make healing hundred percent requires an active participation from the healed to bring the awareness ,the central theme of this ailment . 

It takes a lot of energy frequency matching with people who have negative karma. They put up energy barrier without meaning to do it as we believe it. They don’t realize what they are doing to their karma. They seem to get into this never ending cycle of doing this to their karma.  So it requires a careful monitoring and to catch at a vulnerable point so to break through and give them a glimmering hope. To break out of their cycle and start making positive progress on their karma. They have built mental walls and walls of energy about them to block out all that they don’t want to deal with.   

Thus we do not claim full credit for successful healing and this also saves us from taking responsibility for failure. Nor do we blame or pin point fault with those who do not appreciate this divine intervention. In fact these beings are our biggest teachers, who had help us to go still deeper in search of this truth that soul is pure and unbiased , but the covering accumulates dirt and smells, the one wearing it thinks that the  smell is coming from outside where as it is inside. We must also appreciate this fact that they have agreed to be the villain of the drama in which we  am portraying a very innocent and loving person. This is simply a wonderful divine plan for us  but not for poor suffering beings. What do you say?

 Nirmal Mozumdar!


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does one interfere in their karma or life lesson if they heal them?

Dear Palak... kindly read my above article for your answer ' why healing is criticized ? thanks !  

Whether healing interferes in ones Karma? please read following article ........WHY HEALING IS CRITICISED AND CONDEMNED BY SKEPTICS AND SPIRITUAL BOTH?

by Nirmal Mozumdar on Saturday, 20 August 2011 at 00:56

Healing is rejected by skeptics for fear of something invisible and unknown controlling their life .They are blocked or not yet evolved in the mental perception beyond material world They are not able to perceive and comprehend energy world to be the fundamental basis of existential reality They may wonder what happens after death and why some thing turn up unceremoniously out of the blue .Their rejection is understandable giving them the dues that like innocent babies they can not understand the abstract phenomena to be the cause behind material manifested world.

Why spirituals criticize healing? These are the people who very well understand the cause of suffering is a consequence of karma. Either  they think karma is a punishment or a learning tool ,they know both way it is for the individual to go through this suffering so that he becomes rich with experience and shine forth like a gold after being refined in the fire. Thus healing is criticized as unnecessary meddling in his learning a lesson from the suffering. They are right to some extent .Suffering enriches one with learning a lesson and awakening to higher realities and true purpose of life. It means every body should be given time to go through the lesson and experience the emotion associated with it. That is why when we heal some one ,we do not expect miracle. Healer invokes and sends intension to the Higher self and the guides to take over the process of healing. Result lies in the hands of censor board of associated higher beings and how much access the person allows these beings .Meaning there by how much energy he is letting filter in to his conscious awareness. How much strong barrier are built around his conscious mind?

So in a way healing is not meddling in his karma as far as his learning is concerned .  Healer is only providing him the support to accelerate the process of learning and helping him become aware of the cause and learn from it to evolve further. If conscious barriers are very strong ,he may not allow the subconscious help in the form of awareness about  positive  healing energy to manifest in to his conscious mind .He may not evolve consciously but he has been healed. His energy bodies ,which carry the blue print of physical body are already healed. Once he relinquishes physical garb, he will be able to feel and perceive the importance of healing. He would evolve after passing over ,once his conscious mind is absolved with that of subconscious after his death. So nothing has gone waste. If a   child prepares for exam ,but the topic  wasn’t understood properly at that time, so he may not secure good marks but his preparation has not gone waste. His learning of the subject will help him in another class, his foundation of the subject is strengthened. It is also very important for the healer to understand that this is the basic difference between healing and treatment. Healing is curing the disease from the root ,where as treatment s about easing his physical body .We  know that there is hardly a medicine which doesn’t yield side effect  yet these help us in keeping physical discomfort at bay to some extent . When that limit is also exhausted then only one will seek for some other alternative. So any body coming for healing is not coming on his own but has been sent to healer from The Higher source. His soul has been guiding him to reach up to us .        

 Nirmal Mozumdar 


well to an extent i agree with you.. i agree that if its meant to be it will.. but ive seen people heal and the person respond completely differently.. in a good way of course.. but as you've already mentioned.. then the person isnt leaning his/her important life lesson.. so we can heal.. but how can we tell about the spiritual eligibility of another soul..

at the same time it is essential to know energy and the way it works as we are energetic beings appearing physical.


i see healing as the way of the future and well even the now ;) like people go to hospitals.. they shall soon find peace and solution in healing, crystals, fprgiveness.. its also about the persons willingness.. i hope god increases our awareness on this matter :>


thanks for your response!




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