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I take care that others are not hurt emotionally, I take care that everyone who's working under me is happy, I take care to  help people financially when they are in dire need of money, I take care not to humiliate anyone, I take care that I’m there when people need me and in case inadvertently I hurt anyone I make every effort to rectify my mistake.

Still these people cheat,  lie, steal and insult me at times. ‘These people’ sometimes are my relatives, sometimes domestic help, sometimes my employees. Why this happens to me? This is a question I’ve been asking to me so many times. There is a proverb- As you sow, so shall you reap. But it proves wrong here as I know how much I care for everyone. Then why same people turn out to be so rude, insensitive and self centered?

It's difficult to differentiate between good and bad as these are perceptions which differ according to one's parameters. But if we simplify the definitions then good is something which do not harm anyone in anyway and bad is what harms. Then my question is - why bad things happen to good people? And when this keeps on happening then one will lose some part of his/her goodness, become insensitive and lose trust in others. This is what happens with me at times.

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I like the way you presented it life was also very painful,but after getting reiki initiation my life has completely transformed.and i understood what the life is?
its not like that,bad things happens with good people only.its only some times we are stuck in some negative patterns.we all are on earth to get some lessons,thats why we have to go through lot of pain to learn those lesson.but we can change our lives and manifest anything in life by choosing positive approach in life.
why do bad things happen to good people?

there are no good and bad people
there are no good and bad things

there are degrees of frequencies, senstivities
a 'good' person might 'feel' more.. because of this person can sense higher frequencies.
with this understanding this person will naturally be more cautious of their own actions.

a 'bad' person might 'feel' less.. because they would be less sensitive to higher frequencies and vibrations.
with this understanding this person and his actions would not be that of the highest.
when you say 'of the highest' you truly mean of the higher frequencies.

since a 'good' person 'feels' so much more, they experience all things in depth.
the actions of a 'bad' person would hurt the actions of a 'good' person more because the so called 'bad' person is not feeling the effects in depth.

there are several ways to increase your frequency-
1. connect to nature
the flow of nature restores your state of well being and sensitive flow of energy.
Practise sun gazing, sea salt water baths, barefoot walking, yoga in nature

2. Ask! ask your higher self, the source, the divine beings, the universe..just ask to be shown a way if you can't find one. Noe focus and make the effort to walk the way.

3. seek your own divine connection

4. Eat high energy raw foods

5. Be aware, present.

6. Spend time in silence, soaking in natural love that surrounds us.
You can keep 'silence' days once a week or as required. Silence restores your power and peace.

7. open yout heart, love, .. set that intention.. it'll happen naturally :)
Hi shanu.

Having faced similar situations, I would suggest that we have to accept the situations and people we come across. We need to be happy with who we are and have the patience and courage to remain so in face of adversity. We might come across people who do not behave like us or have different inclinations, thoughts or beliefs.

 i'm also finding answer for same.why good(here good means not judging but based on the dharma principle where all the dharma/relgion agree to certain rules/ethics) people have to suffer a lot while on other hand you see people with wrong intentions enjoying life fully.......


i truly seeking for this answer.......


read all the replies but somehow i feel all theories/illustrations try to convince you to accept whatever is happening. please pour some light on it dear members.....

Let us be clear in our mind that there is nothing good or bad. It is how we look at it. It would have been better if you give specifics. I am confident that I should be in a position to help you.

I have experienced similar situations & i believe people behave acc to their nature as we know everybody has different nature.Snakes ll never leave biting innocent people & flowers ll never leave spreading beauty.

Roses r always attached with thorns. If our own people cheat us we cant do anything exept being forgetful & positive bcoz negetive thoughts destroys our self confidence.


naturte cannot be changed
"Over-doing" is the cause behind this situation where bad things happen to good people. Before doing any good to others we should think first whether they need it. Most of the time we are just keep on doing such acts thinking that it is good or helpful to others but, in reality, they do not require it most of the time. We offer our help without knowing whether the world needs it. I always suggest people that let the world ask you for the help and then give them your best. By doing this, you will be detached from the world most of the time and will never feel that you did a lot but not getting good results from your actions.

There are so many people all around us, who are facing tragedies in life. Various people with good deeds, in their present life, are in sorrow, facing financial losses, humiliation, harassment, disrespect etc.


They have not committed any sin in their life. Despite they are facing hard luck.


I may technically describe the sin, so the concept may not be diluted, or be illusion, and be misconception.


The sin is act of un-lawful, unethical, un-reasonable, un-justified, and in most of the cases un-accepted by the society. More over which is not truthful act.


The theory I am describing, based on KARMA. KARMA theory believes in re-birth.


There are few KARMAS which give instant result, in short run, few KARMA gives the result in long run, might in next birth. To some extend, we can change our fate, with good KARMAS. Few things can be changed, and few are to be born.The KARMAS which give result in next birth are called accumulatively, as PARGIYA.


This is result of PARGIYA only, good people also suffers, in their present life, due to deeds of their last birth, and so on……………………



i like ur theory, but want to ask that how we can find out the difference between the foll two things? one is deeds due to their last birth & the other is God is testing us at times. Saja aur preeksha mein farak kaise pata chale? e.g i came across a 20 year old cp boy in a shop, he s the only son of a doctor parents, people talk about them that this boy is a result of their sins. Who knows special children are a result of sins or they r a blessings. they r bundle of love, never play mind games, cant hurt anybody s heart. 


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