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Who or what is God?

What is Bhakti? How does one get certified in it?

What is the ROI on surrender? Any best practices?

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I think the best thing to invest in it

The greatest superstition in the world is thinking that god will become angry, god will punish , god  curses, god gets  pleased and gives me everything, god  will give me whatever I ask, god will take my sin……….. etc.  Here we attribute the human bad  qualities to god and then  start bribing god like we do for human beings.  Remember god is like electricity which  is not light / heat / magnetism / chemical energy / kinetic energy / potential energy…………  When electricity passes through respective instruments these instruments demonstrates their inherent qualities. So  the awareness and consciousness present in all living and non living beings  are the omnipotent omnipresent  divine power which  never has any of the above qualification, but that divine power is beyond all those qualities


Bhakthi is complete surrender

Final aim is to reach HIm through a self realized person who is called Master

Master  is one who mastered himself


The way is Sahaj


This is a healthy question asked by an inquisitive and restless mind who wants to know "who is he"From where has he come and where he is to go. He wants to know his destiny and his real home where he feels secured.This basic enquiry leads him to that supernatural creator and overseer of this universe called God or Braham and who is the source,the seed and the creator of all beings in this world. This is only the intellectual and logical definition of God which is deprived of the actualual feel of God-the impersonal aspect of ABOSOLUTE TRUTH.To explore and feel God our scriptures say that one should explore oneself and experience the pure self consciouness which is a part of SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS called God. This one form of Bhakti. Hear the song of Ramana Nirvana and Nirvana Shatkam on You tube and Go through the book" I am that I am" by Nissargadata. With patience and continuous practice I am sure you will get what you want 


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