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It is true what they say! Mastering the art of relating and relationships creates a space for personal and spiritual development. It is easy to grow spiritually in a cave somewhere meditating! The ultimate spiritual development is to stay true and present in the heat of the moment with a loved one. When faced with anger, hurt, guilt, shame, betrayal, sadness and aloneness there is a possibility to discover our greatest teachers and lessons. In the accepting and allowing unconditional love becomes available. Even though..........I love and accept myself, <3

What Stops You From Having Great Relationships?    



Whether you want a great relationship with your other half, or work colleagues or may be even your parents and friends there are certain common pitfalls and mistakes. I have personally made all these mistakes and I share these "don't do's" from a place of humility and humbleness. I am a work in progress!

1. Lack Of Rapport And Trust - Take the time to build rapport and trust with your loved one's and work colleagues. One of the easiest ways to build rapport and trust is to get to know someone and connect with them heart to heart. 

2. More Talking And Less Listening - We were given 2 ears and one mouth precisely to be able to listen more. When the other person feels heard they are much more open to creating fulfilling and loving relationships.    

3. Taking Things Personally - It is so easy to fall into the trap of taking things personally. Learn to let go and know everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

4. Inability To Understand Where The Other Person Is Coming From - In the words of Stephan Covey "seek to understand before being understood". Whenever there is a conflict arising take the time to understand the other person’s point of view first - ask them "what is your perspective?’ The science of NLP is also very useful to understand where someone is coming from. We all have different filters, beliefs, views, past memories that create mental maps of how we understand things and communicate. With NLP you are able to quickly understand where someone is coming from and ask question to understand as well as influence to create something positive together.

5. Allowing Past Experiences To Colour The Future - Past hurts and past experiences that have created hurt can colour the future. My invitation is come to peace with past hurts by doing the inner work on yourself first.

To learn a more about developing great relationships consider learning the science of NLP. After I learned NLP I noticed a dramatic difference in being able to build fulfilling and positive relationships with my loved one's as well as more constructive conversations at work which resulted in a happier office environment. 

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-Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)
Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a scientist by background with a Doctorate in Cancer Research from Oxford University. She has been in business over 15 years and now is founder of Vitality Living College creating practitioners, trainers and coaches in EFT, NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), Hypnosis, Timeline therapy as well as presenting Journey work on behalf of Brandon Bays. (

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DR R.choudhari.......all relationships hinge on what " i will get out of it"

Un-conditional love is  like  a thoughtless thought

All our actions stem from, what we call 'self' and are essentially self centric.

So as long the mutual interests overlap...relationship survives otherwise....

What stops you from having a great relationship>

Sorry to reply too late : But I noticed something missing in the question itself : I would prefer a question " What makes the relationship more juicy, full of love, trust oriented, full of respect etc


For which, simple things which I discovered with the help of my master " The content and nature of our real "I".


Without discovering that, any logical understating / therapy will have temporary effect on the person. Unconditional love is a by-product of this understanding of "Who am I". Divine love, respect , caring, accepting other in relationship  etc- these things  automatically pops up in you the moment one is able to touch his real self.

My thanks and gratitude to Great India Masters & Seers






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