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Myths & Mis-beliefs

The key to human transformation is to get a failry accurate sense of purpose and be able to live it, consciously.

However, it is ironical that though your life’s purpose, consciously or unconsciously, is at work every moment of your existence, you rarely have an accurate sensing what it really is.

It is not you who is entirely responsible for this ignorance. It is primarily some of the social constructs built around the meaning of life’s purpose – the myths and mis-beliefs - that is somewhere leading you astray.

What are some of these distracters?

1. Purpose of life is a vocation, an occupation or an engagement that you are engineered to take up in life to be successful.

Your life’s purpose has nothing to do with WHAT you are doing or meant to be doing. It’s more about who you uniquely are and therefore HOW you are meant do whatever you choose to do in life.

My childhood dream was to be a musician. I saw myself performing with an unusual instrument to build rapport with and inspire audiences across all walks of life and am valued for my contribution. Somewhere inherent in dream was hiding the purpose of my life. It wasn’t the dream itself. The spontaneity of expression, the drive of influences and inspire others and being recognized were themes that were underlying this passion of mine. Today, when I look deeply at HOW I am doing whatever I am doing as an enabler, I see these themes conspicuously present.

2. Purpose defines a state of life to be attained in future. It is the destiny.

Your life’s purpose is like your breath. A companion that lives with you and tries to guide you every moment of your existence. Across incarnations. Those magical moments of co-creation which seemed so right, were absolutely effortless and drew support from even the most unexpected quarters were moments of intense purposefulness. Times when your life-context was in perfect harmony with your life’s purpose.

3. Purpose of life can be understood cognitively and defined.
This is the most ridiculous of all the myths and mis-beliefs. It’s like saying you can understand the source of creation cognitively and define it. Your purpose of life is as awesome as the source and process of creation of life. It is the primordial personal law that is meant to govern your life’s journey. Your logical thinking and the language you use is too limited and linear to un-fathom and define this phenomenal, rather complex, guiding force. You can only have a ‘sense’ of your purpose, assign symbols to represent its essence and subject yourself to be guided by it, with reverence.

4. Purpose of life has something to do with doing well to the others and the society.

I have very often heard some of my friends and acquaintances announcing with élan that their purpose of life is to make a difference to others’ life, to uplift the down trodden, to liberate the captive souls and such similar nonsense. At best these are personal brand statements that feel and sound right and are meant to create an aura amongst others.

Your life’s purpose is about you and your existence. It’s the very seed of your existence lying dormant in which is the energy to make you realize the highest levels of self-directed participation and performance in the universal process. It is incidental that, due to the inter-connectedness of realities, when you attain the highest, the immediate realities around you are also impacted.

5. Purpose of life is a mystical concept and has nothing to do with the mundane.

Why do you think, the mundane being mundane, there are so many different flavors of living it? Why is one trader doing business differently from the other? Why are some employees happy and engaged in a certain workplace while some others are not? Why are some businesses more alive, more evolving than the other?

Your life’s purpose determines the nature of your relationship with the mundane as much as the mystical. Living your life’s purpose at your workplace, with family and friends is essential for sustaining harmony as much with your external environment as it is for the inner environment. Disregarding this truth is a sure shot formula for debacle, both in individual as well as institutional lives as has been proven by the economical and ecological catastrophes that keep appearing once in while as wake-up calls.

Most of your attempts to figure out the purpose of your life has gone a begging, despite your best intent, because of the above myths and mis-beliefs clouding your context. Many of you, who insist to have stumbled upon it and to be in the knowing of it, are leading a life which is precariously working at counter purposes. Dissipating, draining and sometimes even depriving you of your life-force.

My explorations with my own sense of purpose as well as hundred others who have had the humility to seek help and guidance has led me to believe that it’s best not to mess around with trying to understand and define your life’s purpose all by yourself but seek professional guidance. You can’t just afford to go wrong there just like you can’t afford to go wrong with figuring out your blood group.

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the purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings joy to yourself and to others


dont worry about 'Finding' your purpose, rather serve a purpose and it will serve YOU!



Thanks Palak for such a simple and succinct response.


The "way" however still eludes a million and, most importantly, how many of us can distinguish the primordiality of joy from the peaks of happiness?


Love and blessings



yea :) well deoreen virtue said it,.. n its been the simplest way for me when it comes to my life purpose

personally- detox! detox from all situations and people for a bit.. n listen to your soul!

or just serve a purpose and through the contrast the way comes :)

life is beautiful!

eeeeeee :D blessed be dear Indroneil!

To make this earth more beautiful---by inspiring more n more people for meditation.

And, who are meditators---showing them advance spirituality.

I also play Flute. I want to download music from higher world to this world.

Awesome !!!


Resonates so much with my calling.


We must explore co-creating meditative experiences ...


Hope to see you during my event - Master-key.

if we can align our body, mind,intellect and soul in a single direction means if we can understand ourselves and we can keep our elements in harmony with each other in some proportion through practising silence or meditation then everyday some purpose come throughout the day  in our personal life,family life,professional life,spiritual life  and serving those purpose happily,peacefully can also be a purpose of life as life flows silently ~sanghamitra

thanks for  such a nice it

purpose of life is to reach him I mean the supreme creator with the help of Guru


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